U38 Feedback Thread: Regions of King's Gondor West


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Please provide feedback on the content of King's Gondor West in this thread:
  • Dor-en-ernil
  • Ringlo Vale
  • Lamedon
  • Blackroot Vale
  • Belfalas


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Ok, good news: Gondor Renewed have 2 new tiers above Kindred. Bad news: We don't have any new rewards for tiers above Kindred

But we have 1 new pet and 2 new teleports


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We should really have a convenient way to access the King's Gondor map from the world map.

I noticed we can enter the Cape of Belfalas Homesteads from King's Gondor Belfalas, but the only way back out leads to wartime Gondor. Could we get a secondary exit, like a clicky teleport item or something, to go back out into King's Gondor?

"Emyn Falas" was called "Emyn Ernil" in original Gondor quest and deed text, and "Belfalas Mountains" on the new map. Seems reasonable to me that all these terms could be used, but wanted to bring it up in case it's an oversight.

I've found Eorlingas crafting nodes and level 100ish creatures copied over from old Gondor. Are these already lined up to be fixed? Do you need bug reports for each spawn type in each area to track them down?

Some creatures in the level 141+ locations are still level 140. Please scale these up, too, so that we get the same tier of crafting materials and task items from them, and so they count for Landscape Difficulty when playing through the area on-level.


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When you enter The Crossing-Hall in Ringlo Vale, you get messages about <string table error>


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During the Bounty: Dokhvor and Hulthak, they get stuck in the cave till you come closer. However you can move back and they will go on exploid again.


Deeds show not up in book of deeds in german version but looks like i finished 2 deeds.

Huge empty maps are a timesink.

Switching professions to mining or forestry you can only learn Gundabad und dont get Umbar.


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A couple of the Dor-en-ernil landscape quests made me chuckle. Both quest hubs had an extremely lazy quest giver who had me collect 6 items that were within eyesight/easy walking distance of the NPC who gave me the quest. I'm not complaining though. Now about the ruined town tightly packed with darkwaters...


Ringlo Vale exploration deed doesn't register Eilendoth discovery.


There are no task boards in this area, even though the mobs killed drop trophies. The only place to turn them in is in the Haradwaith region and then you have to be level 145, even though the mob may only be level 141 and can be killed by a level 140 who is starting to explore this new area.