Raid Race Event (Gwath T1) with LOTRO Points Prizes & More


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What: Teams of 12 (randomly chosen) will compete against each other at the same time, with the first group to complete Gwathrenost Tier 1 crowned the winners.

When: Saturday, May 27th at 6pm Server Time (Eastern Time). [Unsure of time? Use this:]

Where: Brandywine Server

Who can sign up? Anyone on Brandywine who is Level 140 and can access Discord.

How to sign up? Go sign up at the Brandywiped Discord server (where we'll be hosting the event):

Prizes: 12x 100 LOTRO Points codes, 12x "Event Winner" title codes, 12x Spotted Corgi Pet codes, and 12x sets of raid supplies for the winning team.

Whether you're completely new to raiding, in a progression group, or competing for server/world first, all are welcome to join this raid, get a taste of Gwathrenost, secure your first (or thousandth) raid clear, connect with the wider raiding community, win prizes, and have lots of fun! :)



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Our Raid Race Event was held successfully yesterday, with four teams competing for the fastest time through Gwath T1 (and lots of prizes!). All teams cleared it in around half an hour, with the winning team (Yellow) securing their victory by just 48 seconds!

Red Team:

Green Team:

Yellow Team (Winners):

Blue Team:

(VOD didn't save, unfortunately)

This was a very fun event, which brought together established raiders and newer players on Brandywine. We look forward to hosting the next one!



Thanks for posting the vids Belnavar!!! I had sooo much fun. We had 50+ people participating in the event, from the organizers to the racers. What made this so fun for me was that even though we were speeding through to the end, I had 2 people in the yellow team that had never even been in Gwathrenost, and had never even raided. Was a fantastic time!!! I also can't wait to host the next Raid Race!! Next time, we're going to shoot for 100+ racers!!!