Man's Best Friend


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Why would a being that is practically immortal spend any time or effort to interact with beings that rarely lived to be over a hundred? (I know it's not in the books, but...) Haldur coming to Helm's Deep with a group of immortal elves, to basically sacrifice themselves for some humans who would be dead in a few decades anyways, always hit me hard. I get why the elves helped when it came to things that affected The Big Picture like the Last Alliance, but was never sure about why they did some of the little things they did, when it comes to such short-lived humans. What would be of interest from a man of 30 years of age, to an elf who has lived 100x that already, and will live 100x that after that human dies?

Elf's Best Friend.

Obviously, not talking about physical attraction here, but the non-sexual relationships that we have developed with non-humans emotionally.
Not every human is willing to risk their lives for a dog or a cat. But there are many, many of us that would willingly put themselves in danger to assure the safety of our pets. Many of us pet owners, don't just treat our pets as "a living toy", but as a full part of the family. They can become our Best Friends, and share a (small) portion of our lives. We help them, they help us. We communicate with them, even we don't always understand each other. They sleep with us, eat with us, and play with us. They sit on the couch next to you while you read. They know when we're sad, or upset, or anxious, or happy. We share that small part of our lives with them, fully knowing that it won't last long. 20 years for a cat is ancient, slightly less for a dog, depending on species, that's it. They can be incredibly intelligent, and there's many recorded examples of when a pet has saved the life of a human. And we, like Haldur, would willingly run in front of a car to save them.

Not saying that Elves see Man as a pet, we're obviously smarter than dogs and cats, are tool users, and can create. But, on an emotional level, I believe this is why the Elves are willing to risk their immortality, for those who live such short lives. And a reason why some Elves actually chose to remain in Middle-earth, knowing the outcome.


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Taking a stab at it...

Knowing that their time in ME was coming to an end and the age of Man was dawning, they knew that the shadow had to held off for men to have that chance to thrive.

Pretty sure there was some loyalty from past alliances, too, but I'd have to fact-check my memory on that.