Maestro and AbcPlayer with upgrades by Aifel, Elamond and Karloman


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Maestro 3.1.8 released

Version 3.1.8
- Shrink abctools icon to mitigate antivirus false positive

Version 3.1.7
- Fixed exporting to ABC would change histogram
- Fixed delays were accounted for twice when making histogram

Version 3.1.6
- Added fade-in and fade-out to tune-editor to allow fading all parts together.
Thanks for all your work. I have two questions. First do you have a Patreon account or something where we that use this can support you. And can you tell me what mix timing and swing actually does. (edit) I downloaded the latest version and see you added hover descriptions. Thanks. Is it possible that not having mix timing checked is better for some songs. I have 2 jazz songs that just wouldn't play right until I accidentally unchecked mix timing. Until those songs mix timing has always helped them play smoother. I'm serious about the Patreon account for you and your mates if you can work that out.
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Unless there have snuck some bug into mix timings, the only time you should want to uncheck it, is if you plan to hand-edit the abc file in a text editor after exporting.
As for swing timing, for jazz or jigs you want to have it on, even if mix timing is on. That is to help it choose rhythm better across tempo changes.


The only instance I've noticed where mix timings sounds off is if the midi file doesn't honor its bar/bpm timing, e.g. the midi file reports the bpm being 95, but all the notes are free-placed to follow a bpm of 120 and don't line up with bars in the midi file. In this case, usually both mixed enabled or disabled will sound pretty bad, since the quantization Maestro does will make no sense either way, but I notice it sounds a bit worse with mixed timing enabled. The solution is to fix the midi by stretching the notes so they align with the bars, and then change the bpm to be correct, but this requires a bit of midi editing kung fu and can't be done in Maestro alone.

Here's a screenshot with an example of what I mean, you can see that the notes (each note is supposed to be two bars long) don't line up with the thin grey vertical bar marker lines in Maestro.


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Maestro 3.1.9 released
  • Tweaked histogram colors. Green is for polyphony count under 45 notes, yellow is 45 to 64, and red is 64+.
  • Added horizontal lines to histogram to show where the two color thresholds are.
  • Maestro won't complain about a missing midi/abc file if Maestro can find the file in the MSX directory.
    Added option for deleting notes quantized to zero duration to prevent dissonance from unintended overlapping of fast notes.
  • Adjustment for how histogram count very long notes that are being broken up.
  • Added option for Ignore expression messages. This is mostly useful for people that commonly use self made MIDIs output from Musescore, and want a 1:1 relationship between note velocities. If in doubt, leave it unchecked.
  • Fix ABC triplet parsing bug, which caused some ABC files to have parsing errors.
  • Add support for parsing ABC files with bar repeat symbols. Maestro/AbcPlayer will play repeating sections only once, just as Lotro does.


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As some of you might have noticed, there is a bug in 3.1.9 and 3.1.10 if you got that one.
The bug is that some notes might not get exported.
A new release should be released soon. It's being tested. In the meantime, 3.1.8 is the latest release you will be able to download.


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Btw. there is a new version, I forgot to announce it here.

Maestro 3.2.1 Released
- Improved the visual updating of auto exporter.
- Abc Tools auto exporter no longer save a new abc export filename to msx.
- Fix for Abc Tools UI freeze or slows down when using auto exporter.
- More strict parsing of zero duration notes in midi sequence.
- Abc Tools auto exporter can now export into a folder-tree recursively.
- Fix for Maestro exporting to wav would ignore skip silence option.
- Separate LAME or FFmpeg downloads are no longer needed to export MP3s from Maestro or AbcPlayer.
- Fix that if the MIDI has any invalid tempo messages of zero MPQ, those messages will now be ignored.
- Fix source playback volume for GS MIDIs would change when assigning 2+ tracks to a part.
- Enable font sizes up to 36 pt which will help scale the app on 4K monitors.
- Installer will now allow downgrading
- Fix output to abc and preview could be missing notes. This bug was introduced in 3.1.9

Recommended to re-export ALL song made with 3.1.9 or 3.1.10 as there was a bug that meant notes could be missing.