LOTRO Map Errors


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A collection of errors found in LOTRO's in-game maps (all will be reported as bugs also)

1. The Yondershire map fades out too early on the west to the point where the Lhungobel area is barely visible

2. Trollshaws, The Angle and Eregion all show an area of unfinished land on the map plus they have some accessible areas that are faded out.
The unfinished area is easily seen on the Angle map it is the right circled area.




3.Enedwaith also has some faded out areas plus the whole maps is shifted downwards e.g in the image I am standing to the south side of the bridge where as the map shows me to be on the north side.


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4. The Gundabad map has a lingering development line (circled in blue)

5.Car Bronach has the same line as well as some other unfished landscape to the east.
Also there are no to Welkin-lofts,Pit of Stonejaws or Elderslade text of clickable teleport icons.
Plus there is generally no text showing any key points of interest on the map as a whole.

6. The Angmar map has no To Gundabad/Car Bronach text or clickable icon in the east and also no text for the North Downs either even thought the clickable icon exists.
Also when you click on Carn Dum it takes you to the new version of Carn Dum which makes no sense as it is not accessed at this location and would just confuse low level players instead the Carn Dum text should do nothing and the map can only be accessed when you are there.

7.The Elderslade map doesn't allow you to click on the Car Bronach text or Gates of Gundabad text in order to be switched to their maps.

8. The Ered Mithrin map does have the text and icon for the wells of langflood but it the actual landscape on the map hasnt been updated to show the new pathway between them.


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9. On the Erebor map you cant click on the Dale-lands icon to be switched to that map(Eryn Lasgalen map).

10. The clickable icon for to Erebor on the abodes of erebor map isn't over the text

11. The to Moria clickable icon on the lothlorien map is over the redhorn text rather than the Gates of Moria text (which should probably say to- Moria)

12. The beacons on the Far Anorien map all have orange text yet on the individual beacon hills and taur druadan map they don't obviously its not really a problem but its weird that they are different and that no other beacons follow this trend.

13. The North Ithilien text on the Talath Anor map cannot be clicked on. I know that you cannot access North Ithilien from Talath Anor so you could just remove the text or make a teleport location in Cair Andros that teleports you across like a gap in one of the walls.


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14. On the Eastern Gondor map you cant click on the Morgul Vale text. I know you cant access the Morgul Vale from Eastern Gondor so you could either remove the text from this map like you did with South Ithilien or make it work and add it back to South Ithilien and have a teleport to the Morgul Vale which will work by running into the barricade that exists and then to get back you use the same teleport that gets you back from North Ithilien.

15. The Lebennin region banner should say Lower Lebennin instead of Lebennin.

16. Should the Western Gondor, Blackroot Vale and Heavens of Belfalas map all have a function to Outer Gondor text. I know you cant currently go their so you could add a NPC or horse on the Western Gondor side of the Bridge that sends you to the other side or the bridge in the kings gondor timeline.

17. The Haradwaith map allows you to click on the City of Umbar but not the Cape of Umbar Zone

18. The Gondor region map needs a few changes.
1.The Bay of Belfalas text should be made yellow/lesser as it isn't a zone and probably never will be
2.The Anfalas text should be made yellow/lesser as it isn't a zone
3.Red Outer Gondor text should be added which switches you to that zone when pressed
4.Dol Amroth and Pelargir should be clickable as the other cities,Minas Tirith and Osgiliath are
5.The Minas Morgul text should link to the city no the Morgul Vale zone instead separate red Morgul Vale text should be added. (This should also happen on the Mordor Region map)
6.The North Ithilien Text should be red and clickable or a new red March of the King text should be added
7.The Minas Tirith text should take you to the Before Battle Minas Tirith not the Midsummer one
8.The Wastes text should be red (Same for the Mordor Map)
9.The Dead Marshes should have some red text or atleast some text at all. (IMO the current Dead Marshes could be revamped and added to the Mordor's Physical map so it connects to the Wastes as currently its just a weird island no one goes to
10.The Emyn Muil text should be made a faded out red colour if you believe it will be a future zone
11.The Tolfalas text should be made a faded out red colour if you believe it will be a future zone
12.Clickable to Haradwaith text should be added to the south


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19. The edges of The Plateau of Gorgoroth map seemingly have copies of itself in particular you can see a copy of Seregost, Cirith Ungol and parts of Dor Amarth+ some extra unfinished landscape.
Secondly The Morgul Vale zone is set as a sub zone to The Plateau of Gorgorth which means all its POI points and stable masters etc are a part of the Gorgoroth map even thought the area isnt visible. This should be changed so that The Morgul Vale is viewed as its own zone separate from Gorgoroth since this makes sense especially since The Morgul Vale is from a different expac, isnt on the plateau, has its on to text and doesnt even fit on Gorgoroth's map.

20. The Nargroth map should have a clickable to Talath Urui text.

21. Dor Amarth should have its own clickable to Orodruin text

22. Orodruin should have its own clickable to Dor Amarth text

23. Agarnaith has 2 spots of unfinished landscape on its map


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24. On the Middle-earth map should the Belegaer be in yellow/lesser text since it isnt a region that can be clicked on.
Secondly should Lindon, Forodwaith, Rhun and Khand be faded out since they dont currently have maps.

25.On the North Downs map could there be a second to Bree-Land on the right side since this is an alternate route and then should there be a to the Wildwood/Bree-land on the west side of Trestlebridge since this is one of the main entrance points to the Wildwood

26. Evendim should have a clickable to Bree-land/Wildwood text
Also the very south of Evendim is cut off by the map and so is the north path into Forochel which is show on the Forochel map but not Evendim's despite being in Evendim (This could be fixed by making the path be a part of Forochel)

27. Annuminas should have a clickable to Evendim text

28. The Mirkwood map should be called South Mirkwood or even South West Mirkwood since Dol Guldur shouldn't be anywhere near the eastern most extent of Mirkwood. This also goes for the Stable Masters map, Deed log and the npc Stablemasters.


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31. The to Evendim text on the Bree-land map isnt clickable/functional

32. The to Yondershire text on the Shire map isnt clickable/functional
Also should the Far Downs and South Farthing(or replaced by to Cardolan) text be faded out since they currently don't exist.
This also goes for to: Northern Ered Luin, Western Enedwaith, Minhiriath, The Grey Havens, The Fields of Celduin, Southern Gondor and Nurn since they all also dont currently exist

33. On the Pelennor After Battle map the to Old Anorien and Eastern Gondor clickable icons arnt directly on the text and the text and icon doesn't exist for Lossarnach(Kings Gondor)

34. The March of the King map doesnt have the North Ithilien text and it also doesnt doesnt have the text or icon for Lossarnach(Kings Gondor)

35. The Pinnath Gelin map has some faded out territor in the north
Also both the Pinnath Gelin and Anfalas maps have a to Outer Gondor clickable text even though they are sub zones of Outer Gondor


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36. The Old Forest currently only has a clickable Barrow Downs text that takes you to the Northern Barrow Downs so the text should Say to Northern Barrow-downs.
There should also be a to Southern Barrow-downs in the South and then a to Buckland/Bree-land to the east and then also 2 to Bree-lands in the North.

37. The Southern Barrow-Downs should have a to The Old Forest in the south east and a to Cardolan in the South aswell as a 2 Bree-land to the east of the Barrow that teleports you there
Secondly there is an inconsistency with the naming of the Barrow-Downs. The areas are called and the maps label them as Southern and Northern Barrow-downs however the Old forest map labels them as Barrow Downs without the dash and when you however over the to x text it says to North/South Barrow-Downs instead of Northern and Southern and then to further add to the inconsistency the Bree-land zone map labels them as Barrow-downs North and south.
IMO it would help if all the texts referred to them as Southern and Northern Barrow-Downs since thats what the map labels them as.

38. Firstly the Bree map calls itself Bree and so do most places in the game except the Bree-land map which labels it as Bree-town so this could be changed on the Bree-land map which is how the old one was
Secondly the to-x texts on the Bree map could be improved.
1. The Staddle text should say to Staddle and the clickable icon needs to be more centred on the text
2. The combe text currently isnt clickable and could be changed to (to Combe) and be moved down to the lover blue circle
3. The north exist doesnt have a clickable icon or text which could read to Northern Bree-fields
4. Southern Bree Fields should be Southern Bree-fields
5. The Southern clickable icon has no accompanying text, this should read to Chetwood South as the old map did

39. The map for the Beorninghus area is labled as Grimbeorn's house this should be changed to Beorninghus as this is what the area is called and what the teleport says and even the interior building in called Grimbeorns Lodge instead of house
Secondly the map should have a to the Vales of Anduin text either at the immediate entrance or the two or 4 further our areas
Also is it not possible to allow player to queue for instances here I guess the current reason is something to do with how its connected to the starting area in someway they could be dissconnected?

40.The Vales of Anduin map need to have a clickable Beorninghus text


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41. Bring Back the East and West Rohan Region maps.
I have no idea why you removed them since now navigating the different sub areas of Rohan can be quite difficult especially for a new player and there is no opportunity to see the zone in full.
When you bring them back could you properly incorporate Wildermore in the the East Rohan map and at least have a to Nan Curunir (flooded)(This could also go for the individual Westfold map) clickable text on the West Rohan map and also show Entwood a bit better graphically on the map it would also be nice to have a to the paths of the dead text.
Also the Nan Curunir (flooded) map label should include the (flooded) part this also the Isengard Depths (Flooded) which currently looks exactly like the normal version of the map without the water

42. Why does the Great River and Wildermore Maps have text the switches between them since currently you cannot go between the two. This should be removed unless you are finally going to connect the bridge between the two


43. The Rohan Region Map needs a few changes:
1. East and West Rohan should be added to the map again in red text
2. The text for Edoras, Helm's Deep and Isengard should all be madde yellow/lesser as they arnt their own regions
3. The Great River text should be made red
4. The Fangorn Forest text should be split into to yellow texts for the Eaves of Fangorn and Entwood
5. The Isengard text should link to a new map which is Ring of Isengard (flooded) since this doesn't exist which will be replace the current zoom intext on the Nan Curunir (Flooded) and have its own to Isengard Depths (Flooded)
Also why is Isengard Depths (Flooded) apart of Eriador and not Rhovanion like other flooded Isengard areas?

44. Currently all the different versions of Helm's Deep and Pelennor exist in the map filters but they all have the same name in the case of the Pelennor ones just add the time of day to their names as they are different but with the Helm's Deep ones they all look the exact same so except for npc count so maybe just have on war one on the filter and just remove the rest from the filter as they just add clutter. This is the same for the Glittering Caves, Minas Tirith and Osgiliath.
Also all the Pelennor ones currently show as Dawn only but I assume they are supposed to show the other times of day?

45. The Walls of Moria Map has text that goes to Rhovanion, Eriador and Moria but non for Eregion which it actually connects to so could the Eriador text be changed to Eregion and actually link their since The Walls of Moria are already in Eriador.
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46. The Gap of Rohan map should have a to West Rohan/Westfold clickable text since it connects directly to their
Also it would be nice if you could actually add Wulf's Cleft to the game instead of it being a 2d image you could even make it an extra endgame area for the Isengard expac with elite mobs

47. The Eriador map could do with a few changes:
1. It needs a a clickable to Rohan text now that the Rhovanion and Rohan maps have been split
2. The Location of Rivendell should be closer towards the Misty Mountains as in game it is surrounded by them
3. The Misty Mountains Text should move slightly south east of the Ettenmoors text as that where the zone is in game
4. The Eregion text should be moved north of the Gates of Moria as that's where the majority of the region is
5. Enedwaith should more east maybe not as up as the arrow but definitely east to reflect its position and it could also be renamed Eastern Enedwaith is there is plans of a Western Enedwaith
6. Could there be a Gap of Rohan label or to Gap of Rohan label like how Rohan has a to Dunland label

48. The Rhovanion map could do with a few changes:
1. Add a to Mordor Label or remove the to Rhovanion label from the Mordor Region map since really they no longer boarder
2. The rocky hills below the iron hills label were originally more grey in colour and actually located east of the Iron hills label not offthe map where the river starts (Not higher than they are now just more east as seen on the Middle-earth map)
3. Problem 2 occurs because the map ends to early the Iron Hills in game has the Rive Carnen in its centre where as the map and location of the iron hills on it doesnt even get close. So the map needs extending and the iron hills text needs moving.
The Iron hills in game is far too close to Erebor and really could do with a in-between zone controlled by the Dale folk with more villages so it would be better to create that zone now and move the iron hills while it is on its own rather than later.
4. The text for the Iron Hills, Gundabad, Wells of Langflood, and Vales of Anduin needs to be made red
5. The Erebor text should be made yellow/lesser as it isn't clickable
6. The Misty Mountains text needs to be made clickable unless you are planning on a eastern Misty Mountain zone
7.Rhosgobel can be un faded as its no in the game

8.Generally the scaling for the Whole Rhovanion is poor as described above the iron hills is poorly placed and its too small IMO but also the Vales of Anduin is no where as big as it needs to be in height and width the map shows lots of ground on both sides of the river where as the actual Vales of Anduin basically goes from Mountain to river to a tiny sliver of land to forest in seconds. The map shows Dol Guldur being placed roughly at the start of the Northern Forest edge whereas in game its around in line with Felegoth with nearly no room for a East South Mirkwood. Also the Lonely(key word) Mountain literally touches the Grey Mountains and Iron Hills on each side.
Finally due to the Vales Height there forest is condensed vertically so that there is now much room for a large Middle Mirkwood with East Bight


49. The Stable-masters map could do with some changes
1. Long Cleeve is to height in the Yondershire
2. The Yondershire extends to far west and is across the Lhun which means that Ered Luin is also to far west which means that Thorin Gate is in a forest on the other side of the mountain
3. The Wildwood area can be added to the Bree-Land part of the map (not the area above the river thought)
4. The Ettenmoors text is missing
5. The Dead Marshes are missing
6. Elderslade can be incorporated into the Gundabad map as its a sub region
7. Wildermore can be incorporated in to the East Rohan map as its a sub region
8. Western Rohan should be renamed to West Rohan this can also occur in the deed log and with East Rohan in the deed log also
9. Mirkwood needs to be renamed South Mirkwood or South East Mirkwood as discussed in an earlier post
10. Northern Mirkwood Should be renamed to Eryn Lasgalen so should the deed log
11. Wells of Anduin should be removed as it is not a zone
12. Nan Curunir doesn't need a border with Dunland as its a sub region
13. Mordor should be renamed to Plateau of Gorgoroth and the deed log should say the full name also
14. The Blood of Azog deed log should say Azanulbizar as that's the zones name
15. The Dwarf Holds deed log should be renamed The Iron Hills and Ered Mithrin
16. The Plateau of Gorgoroth map shouldn't include stable masters from Mordor Besiged since Lothlorien doesn't include Azanulbizar ones
17. The Umbar map should include the south bay as that not in the zone
18. Western Gondor's text need moving to the right
19. Outer Gondor doesn't have any text
20. Show a bit of Outer Gondor on the Kings Gondor zoom in
21. Kings Gondor doesn't include all the land it has so some of the stable points are outside the zone borders
22. Old Western Gondor should include the Housing area and sliver of land connecting it to Central Gondor
23. Kings Western Gondor should include basically all of the peninsula


Hopefully that's it for now :)
Clicking on "To Dunland".


This brings me here, to a map almost without labels. You can click on the "Dunland" banner to see the Dunland map, but really it is not obvious.


This map would be better:


The Galtrev map should have a "To Dunland" marker.



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In my opinion lotro maps need a complete redesign and by mean not only the art style but how the system works as a whole .

Unfortunately the mind set of lotro's team is 30 years back. Therefore I don't see any light in the tunnel for quality future updates.


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I kind of really like the maps, but I do hope the above errors mentioned get rectified, if only to acknowledge the huge effort put into pointing them out.