Looking for Event Volunteers for World Mental Health Day! (Bonuses!)


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Kia Ora (Hello) everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. :coffee:

I thought I'd make this post on this sub-forum as I didn't think the general 'Events' one was the right place.

I am looking for a few volunteers to help run the World Mental Health Day event in October later this year. I primarily want people to keep it running smoothly while I sleep as being awake for 24 hours would be the exact opposite of what I'm trying to promote and bring awareness of, mental health.

There, of course, will be bonuses for volunteers which include:

- 500 Silver per Volunteer

- Any Sorted Crop (x250)
- 'Thank You!' acknowledgement on Forums, Discord, and Facebook after the event

- 50x Food Items (currently up to Anorien, may change as I progress in cooking before the event)

I hope these incentives will encourage you to step forth and be a Volunteer for an event that holds dear to a lot of us.

I look forward to hearing from you!