(Landroval)The Lonely Mountain Band


Excerpts from our founder Galenhir;

"As many of you are aware, we live in dark times. The shadow has arisen once more, even now in the hearts of men and beasts... It is a lonely road we tread, for many of Illuvatar and even Aulë's children have given themselves over to darkness."

"For many moons I sat under the stars, and in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain pondering my doom. As I played my lute near a stream in Dale, I fell into a deep slumber... and I heard a deep voice as the sound of the waters of the sea. The voice said that I would follow the streams of Middle Earth to many lands, and gather brave hearts to battle the shadow... From that moment forward, I knew my course. Now many days later I have traveled the lands making friends and have formed the bonds necessary for a foundation of a great kinship. As my vision was conceived in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain, so I have named our house: The Lonely Mountain Band."

The Lonely Mountain Band’s anthem, written and performed by members of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship.

Known for their flagship annual events of Weatherstock and Winterstock, The Lonely Mountain Band was first established in 2008. We are a social fun and service-oriented kinship with two in-game bands consisting of Old Winyards and the infamous Bards, Beers, and longBeards (BBB), an irresponsible roleplay band of ne’er-do-wells. Many of us are musicians in real life. Some just play one on a screen. All are welcome!

We call out at this critical juncture to see if per adventure there may be more who will steel themselves against Sauron and his minions. We look for heroes in the making as well as those much seasoned in battle! Storytellers, writers, artists, musicians, bards, crafters, orc slayer extraordinaires; are you looking for a place to call home? Will you answer the call? What say ye of humble origins? If you enjoy celebrating J. R. R. Tolkien’s world in a casual setting with friends, we may be a good fit for you!

If you should think to sojourn with us, to form bonds that cannot be broken by any mortal means, then put your hand to keyboard and apply to www.alesandtales.com. To keep our kin drama free, we have an application process, and strongly advise any applicant to attend one of our weekly events (details below) or just hang out with any kin member and ask questions.

“FAR APART, NEVER ALONE!” is our motto. Though our kin members may be separated by paltry things like time zones and kilometers, you are never alone when you join the ranks of the Banders.

More about us:

  • Active Discord servers and Guildlaunch website
  • 1828 Characters, ~ 160 active in the last month (a few of us may be altoholics)
  • Multiple in-game neighborhoods and wardrobe street for fine attire
  • Featured previously in PC Gamer Magazine, on the BBC news, and in numerous online game sites, blogs, and streams
  • Received the 2013 Guild Launch "Dragonslayers Award" for best gaming team-guild-clan
  • Fundraising efforts of over $1k for Child’s Play and other good causes
  • A supportive environment for players interested in creating new events


The Lonely Mountain Band

Weatherstock VI, 2013.

Weatherstock V, 2013


Ales & Tales, 10th Anniversary



WEATHERSTOCK is our flagship event! In fact, it is the largest player event in LOTRO! A yearly "Battle of the Bands" in a multi-hour marathon on top of Weathertop! We had over 100 attend our first year and have grown to a record 500 + in recent years. A perfect setting to allay the cares of the world!

WINTERSTOCK is another massive player-held musical event. This laid-back, competition free multi-day festival features 30+ bands over the course of four days each January from around the world. People join us to enjoy the music, dance, and roleplay. It’s like Groundhog Day, but so much better.

ALES AND TALES is another LMB weekly event (Over 600 weeks running!) with "Nibbles and Nobs" serving as a party for the early attendees. Tales, music, dance, and ale all come together for a most enjoyable social event. This is an open event to Landroval and a great place to get your RP experience started.