"Dargnákh Unleashed" - instant death on Tier II

We are having problems with the instance "Dargnákh Unleashed". To refresh your memories, this is a level 75 small fellowship Isengard instance involving the capture of an escaped troll.

The problem is with the Tier II Challenge. This involves having the troll destroy 4 support pillars in order to allow the sun to come in and turn the troll to stone. We get a message saying that Dargnákh pounds the ground, but our tank is defeated by then. We have looked for a reliable indicator to know when to run away from the troll, but haven't seen one.

(NOTE: I am part of a group that is roleplaying through the game on-level. We are at Level 75 and just starting these instances. The only character combination that has succeeded has 1 tank and 2 other characters with rez skills on quick cooldowns who can alternate.)

The problem is with having our tank characters (each having between 7k and 10k morale) survive a 15k - 22k "pounding" damage. The tanks are instantly killed on all but the first pillar (attacks seem to get worse with each pillar taken down). We have gotten some teams through the fight, but only by bringing in enough rallies on short enough cooldowns to revive the tank after each death.

This may be a bug that was introduced during the stat squish. Or maybe there's some secret we are unaware of.
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I recall running it solo on my champion at lvl 120 and having to switch to (hastily put together) blue line to survive. Will give it a go later today and look for any changes.

EDIT: Well, the pound damage on the first two pillars was 9k - 12k so it can take you out. Shockwave appears every ~50 seconds I think, time it, interrupt asap. Once you see the "anger" text it's already too late to run away. The approach in my kin (a long time ago in the galaxy far away) was tank by the pillars, healed from a distance. We died a lot.
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I have been in there with two of the pillars down, but I think that was dumb luck. Interrupting the Shockwave attack works, but it has to happen in the first third of the induction bar’s life.
We still have not found a way to do this instance without bringing in characters that can produce 3 rallies in the allotted time period. This allows a tank to be killed and rallied for each of the first 3 pillars, and then somebody survives the 4th pillar. It could probably be done with 2 rallies, 1 each for the first 2 pillars and then sacrifice 2 characters for the next two with a sole survivor hiding in the corner.

But this does not seem like the way things should go.


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Sorry to hear your problems with the instance.
I think this is just another example of bad instance scaling after the stat squish.


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Turn in induction bars via options and then as soon as he starts to pound the ground, run.
Do not try to tank/heal through it. Just run away from it.


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Turn in induction bars via options and then as soon as he starts to pound the ground, run.
Do not try to tank/heal through it. Just run away from it.
And run as far as possible rather than a few steps. Running diagonally used to work best. Also, keep someone away from him at all times. You only need one person still standing when he knocks the last part of the ceiling down. We used to keep the DPS sitting as far away as possible from the baby troll, since the DPS is not actually useful in T2C.
Also try positioning the troll as close to the pillars as possible and then move so the tank is in the center. Then the can run out of the damage radius quicker. I would also recommend just showing your back to the boss so you just need to run forward.


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Stat squish ---> Tank squish
They really messed up with this. Hope they will see that a rework could improve those situations.