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    Please make marks and meds useful again

    New LI system is even more grind then the old one ,just in old one we had lots of options to advance weapon with marks and meds. Now we need ancient scripts which are pain to get if you making new toon. Deconstructing traceries gives so less ancient scripts as well upgrading weapon is way time consuming now. Please bring back LI mark/meds barterer in skirmish camp and let us atleast barter yellow/purple runes and traceries for marks/meds.There is no use right now for marks beside reputation accelerators and essence reclamation scrolls. Also include t1 essences in skirm camps. Just give us some option on which we can use marks and meds and also give skirmish camp some purpose again.

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    The argument of whether the LI system requires more time to gather materials or is more complex than the old one has been debated to death around here. It is all a matter of viewpoint. There is this one famous quote from the producer when things got heated:

    Quote Originally Posted by Raninia View Post
    Scripts are incredibly valuable, so we need to be careful how often we give them out directly, because they're the way to guarantee the results you want. Scripts essentially let you bypass content, so outside of the one-time appraisal, recurring sources of scripts have to be more carefully balanced. I get that as a player, you want to always have the best traceries on your LI. But outside of needing to run top end raids - which won't be available at launch anyway - you don't actually need these. I get that just because you don't need something that you still want it, and it feels unsatisfying to be told "It's gonna be harder for you to get it," but the fact you don't need it means we're not as focused on making sure you get it.
    When they removed the need to craft our weapons or do things to upgrade them, it made this weird void people aren't liking. I mentioned in another thread that the weapons used to only do 500 dps at level 105 (upgraded three times with crystals) and now they are doing around 1245 dps with a simple reforge at level 106. I guess they knew that if people want that extra 10% push, they'd do anything to get it.

    The problem is that Marks and Medallions have been inflated so much that they have to be really careful adding anything actually useful. It used to be insane trying to get 1,368 Marks & 173 Medallions per scroll when Helm's Deep came out. We now get around three times that from one single raid boss at level 130. I personally have over a million. I'd argue maybe Yellow Enhancement Runes available for Skirmish Marks or Motes of Enhancement. I think Purple Enhancement Runes should be locked to the Reward Track or Dailies. Common traceries only if they were not able to be broken down for Ancient Script.

    What I really want is for them to add crafting recipes that we can barter for to make our own traceries (that won't break down for Ancient Script).



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