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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG_Orion View Post
    Camp Relocation – Orc and Elf

    Tol Ascarnen is the central fort and what should be the main battle location in the Ettenmoors. The EC and OC camps were crucial fallback and push positions that actively contributed to the battle space. I am considering moving these camps back to0 their original locations.
    I have been praying for this for over 10 years. Since the days of Russian Lotr servers.
    The relocation of An`s camp and Pashum`s camp was a tragedy

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    Hey Orion, heard so much about you. My suggestion would be to avoid all suggestions, as they're overwhelming and fixing one thing might break another. I think a small debuff to Freeps upon entering Ettenmoors would be sufficient, but yet again I lack authority in this matter not only because I am new to Creep side, but because I'm entirely new to LOTRO as well (joined one week ago).

    I am currently playing as F2P, though I do not exclude the possibility of making purchases in the future once I grasp the "knowledge" behind many concepts, so I would avoid making incorrect decisions. This brings out my next questions as your average F2P, and there are quite a few of us now recently. I'm sure these questions would concern them too.

    1) You mentioned updating and adding corruptions. As F2P, we need to spend extra time on perfecting and managing our builds out of necessity to farm commendations and LP to unlock trait slots. And that's totally fine. However, it would be devastating if one should spend weeks to get that done, and to create their own build eventually, only to find out that in the next patch it's completely irrelevant due to tweaks into existing corruptions and implementation of new ones. How drastic would these corruptions changes be in your opinion? Should I just basically avoid making any "investments" into corruption traits until they're patched? Would people get a refund on commendations spent on corruptions? (I would assume trait slots would be purchased via LP regardless, so that's not waste of time).

    2) About that healing debuff, I would assume it applies to all sides. Does that refer to healing done in parties or individual skills as well? Like for example, a Reaver is a weak class already, nerfing his healing skills would damage him even more so. So if a Reaver already has trouble fighting Hunters (who barely have any healing at all), then it basically comes off as a one sided nerf. Since the Hunter didn't lose anything in this tweak and wasn't made any weaker equivalently. Making the Freep side again even more favorable.
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    I'd also like to point out an issue that many medium-low population servers have in the Ettenmoors; having to spend large amounts of time playing hide & seek with the opponent in the vastness of the map.
    A suggestion I have to ease this issue would be to remove the zone-wide Renown/Infamy buffs granted by capturing Keeps, demotivating players from simply roaming around, hoping to get an easy kill on a lone player. Players should instead be given reason to actually aim for the objectives of the map, that is the Keeps themselves.
    My suggestion is that, while fighting near and within a keep, players will get a different buff depending on whether that keep belongs to them or not. Both defenders and attackers should get a substantial bonus to Renown/Infamy gains in order to motivate them to fight at the keeps themselves, say of around 60-100%. At the same time, if defenders of a keep are outnumbered, they should be granted bonuses to morale, damage and mitigations, to motivate the defenders to try and push the attacking force back instead of just porting away. The same buff should be applied to the attacking force if they are the ones outnumbered, again to keep them motivated to aim for the objective instead of just running away.

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    Hey Orion, Welcome back and thanks for working toward improving monster play.

    A few Ideas I had that i think would be interesting improvements. whether they are good, bad , easy to do or hard I have no idea but wanted to provide some feedback that members of my Kin and I talked about and all liked .

    1) First off i know there has been talk of wanting improve kinships and give them more options. This idea could help both PVMP AND work toward Kinship- Add a new version of PVMP currency (commendations or renown/infamy ) Called Kinship commendations/Renown/Infamy etc. When a member of a kinship earns one of these things give the same amount to the kinship they are in . This currently can be then used to claim and upgrade outpost and keeps in the moors. A example would be the lumber camp. You mentioned lowering the number of NPCs defending but making them harder. Assuming you go with that a Kin could claim the lumber camp and upgrade it using the above mentioned points. All freeps/creeps at this camp get a + to audacity rating and the upgrades could add more weak npcs back as defenders or add more quest npcs etc. This would give more kins reason to go out there with larger numbers to earn points and help defend /take over places in the moors.

    2) Switch the delving back how it was. One side needs to own it to gain access. Add quest for the delving only and update potion drops etc to lvl 140.

    3) Update rewards you can get from chest you can open with key purchased with tokens of valor . Nothing big . Make 140 level PVMP only potions etc. Maybe also a way to get ancient scripts for legendries or items for PVMP quest such as lashes/bands
    4) One of the hardest parts for a new creep is leveling getting rank and commendations to upgrade skills. Even question solo at level one is much harder these days. I get some work needs to be put in so all creeps are not rank 6 and maxed skills from jump since any VIP or person who buys the classed can start at 140 but creep numbers are low due to the limited ways to work them up. Add a creep only dungeon you can only enter until you hit rank 4 or 5 and freeps can not enter to jump you. Make it drop items for the creep quest so they can go there when its slow and no raid to join for PVPing or questing where they can work on leveling up skills without a freep running up and constantly killing them while they are trying to kill a slug. This would be a choice for them to enter . The entrance could be at the steps and only exit same spot so it cant before used to sneak behind lines and block them out once they hit rank 4 or 5 . It can even have its own quest where you get less commendations/infamy as you rank up to prevent it from being a super easy way to level but easer than open moors. Still takes time to do . Work has to be put in . Have to practice your skills etc but you wont have people new to creep side get aggravated that they take 1-2 min to kill a slug and may get killed my one solo well geared freep and thinking creeps are way underpowered when they are just not properly leveled and geared yet .

    5) Another alternative to the above and also in line with what yall have done before is add a version of "battlegrounds" to the moors. When yall added Osgiliath it was a nice change of scenery but turned into hold the bridge fights and got boring quick. On the same aspect a freep below lvl 140 going to the moors and scaling up is much weaker than a true 140 especially before gettign PVMP gear. You could add back places like Osgiliath, and new ones like Mordor that are scalable to lower level freeps , say lvl 50,75,100,115,120 . Where people say 116-120 go to the zone that is designated as the 120 zone and are only scaled to 120. Then on the creep side make it accessible to creeps of lower ranks that would be better match group. Say rank 1 creeps can go to the lvl 50 area , Rank 2 to the 75 area etc. This gives more options for PVMP , more ways to level creeps , New experiences and strategies and encourages freeps and creeps to role new toons for PVMP and SLOTRO players the chance to PVMP at there level cap.

    6) PVMP event weekends - Have special weekends like you do with bonus xp for PVE but for PVMP. Can expand on this with special titles, cosmetics etc as you did with the PVMP server event. Things like this weekend earn 10% more commendations and infamy- weekend only deed kill 100 enemies at TA to get special title and cloak defender of TA . Kill x amount of hobbits to get title Bane of the shire etc . This would draw more people out to the moors during that time ( would want to fix some of the lag out in moors first or it will scare people away ) and would even play in with the first idea as kinships could plan kinship events and you could have a special cloak or title for claiming , holding and upgrading outpost / keeps etc for the kinship/tribe that does so.

    7) Cross server PVMP- This one may be hard to accomplish programing side. Look at the servers and pair them up. Take the biggest PVMP server match it with the smallest, second largest with second smallest etc and Merge the Ettenmoors only on those servers so they can play together there. Will have to do things like disable trading im sure to prevent people from using this as a way to trade items cross severs etc but good way to add number and meet more players . This could also be done for the battle grounds mentioned above or just wiht them etc

    Just some ideas for now. Some may like them some may hate them but hope the help bring out more ideas to improve the moors and overall PVP experince for both sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG_Orion View Post
    Let’s Discuss Monster Play

    Camp Relocation – Orc and Elf

    Tol Ascarnen is the central fort and what should be the main battle location in the Ettenmoors. The EC and OC camps were crucial fallback and push positions that actively contributed to the battle space. I am considering moving these camps back to0 their original locations.
    I think this will certainly move the action back to the center of the map mainly. Such things as GV and Grams camping never, or rarely happened, before they were moved to new spots so putting them back again could work.
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    Ok First thing is First. Thank You!

    Orion first of all I have net had a chance to say welcome back. To fix the moors first thing that needs to be done is to fix the 35000 foot level issues before looking at the minute details of each class, character, armor, etc...

    -Lag, No this is a game wide issue but IMHO you can have a great creep vs Freep Raid (24 vs 24) while rubber banding and not know if your alive or dead. If this can't be fixed I think it's a waste to go on. Most fun and productive are large battles.
    -Cheating, Now while everyone don't cheat, there are many that do. And when you see a rank 6 Creep Rank 12 in a really short time, somethings wrong. I know in the past not much was done to people farming rank.
    -PVE ranking, Not to eleminate all infamy from PVE but Once upon a time you earned your rank from defeating the other players. Not turn the map blue and come back in a few hours and turn it blue again and just questing. Don't we do that already on the non monster play mode? Maybe PVE points from stopping the others from taking keeps OP's etc.
    -Getting people out there, Coming up with a way to get FTP people out there which would boost store puchases of items to benefit players. (tomes, boosts, fall immunity etc). Maybe a Moors sub thats a few bucks a month or FTP gets a week access to try the moors etc..
    -Imbalance the creeps and Freeps, Not even by class just in general. sides need to be even end of story. I don't care how many raids you ran to get your UBER gear tough. The moors is not a Target practice field for the Raiders. Lets all go back to skill with fighting.
    -Class fixing. Creep and Freep should have similar class equality. Minstrel/Defiler, Champ/Reaver. No super classes because you were not nerfed yet. I have seen defilers fight 6+ and heal through it no problem.

    If you have equal sides you wont need to nerf classes because they became OP.

    Make the rewards count toward something from chests, Delving and OP buffs that make difference so the only way you can get advantage is to take the OP's and if you don't like it stop they form doing it. It's all geared to initiate PVP.

    Know who is giving you input to these new fixes. Look back and see if they had a creep/freep gain 5 ranks in a week etc. Look seriously at people who might have bought up blatent cheating proof and nothing was done about it.

    well much more I can say but for now think you have to start at the top. I am sure while this is getting fixed it will get worse before it gets better.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSG_Orion View Post

    Healing Modifiers

    Healing prolongs battles and undermines the competitive nature of fights. There is no silver bullet in “fixing” this. My intent would be applying an Ettenmoors only effect that reduces the incoming healing to drive combats to a swifter conclusion. Dynamic implementation allows us to modify this effect without waiting for a patch to make the change.

    Should this prove successful, we will look at how this style of effect modifier can address other imbalances we know exist in the moment-to-moment experiences.
    I would push back on this a bit. Currently, the best fights that happen in the Moors are the extended, group (8+ vs. 8+) battles. I've had some battles last 15-20 minutes straight before one side completely wipes. These battles are currently happening right now, so this isn't referring to fights from years ago. They are some of the funnest I've had in the game, and I've been playing since Beta. And constant, continuous healing and rezzing are the biggest reason why these fights last so long. People are dying in the battle on both sides, but it isn't a full wipe, so they are able to be rezzed or come back from the rez circle and get back in the battle. There is a huge strategy in those battles in finding out who are the healers, who are the rezzers, and how do we take them out of the fight. So just because there is a lot of healing/rezzing going on in a battle, doesn't mean it undermines the competitive nature of the fight. I think it actually adds a more competitive nature to the fight, making you adjust your strategy accordingly.

    The issue becomes when one side has too many healers and it becomes a stalemate between the two sides, nobody can kill each other, or one side is constantly getting steam rolled. Currently, how our server is handling this, is we communicate on Discord between both sides and manually adjust classes/numbers to try and balance it out. So on creepside, we might switch off our healing class and go to a DPS class. Or a couple people might switch to the otherside. It's not optimal, but it does help.

    The worst part about the Moors, is running around the map trying to find the next battle. And the shorter the battles are, the more you end up either running back to the battle or running around trying to find the next battle. If there was constant action all around the map like there used to be, shorter, swifter fights might make sense, but that just isn't the case. At least not on Landroval.

    And Welcome Back.
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