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    Old level 85 into new system, need a hand

    I have ten LIs slotted on my old level 85 character. There are a few bridles and some regular LIs. I have three LIs equipped, an SA bridle, and two SA regular LIs.

    After some answers in global chat, I found the way to appraise an old LI under shift+i. I clickied and got some stuff.

    The old third age bridle in shift+i LI panel is still there but now has no button to appraise. How do I remove it?

    Will LIs still drop as they used to and should these be slotted to get more of this barter stuff? Should we barter for the new LIs and slot those in all the extra slots?
    In my bags located the bridle I'd appraised. It was 59/60.
    I've tested the flame thing but it says it cannot be used on that target.

    I used apparise on one more LI (not a bridle if that makes any difference) but that one also remains slotted

    I now have 6390 ancient scripts that I found in my wallet
    In my bags these things appeared
    6 shattered khazad-dum traceries
    300 enhancement runes. lvl 50 (but says enhancement limit: 95 and min level 45)
    57 enhancement runes. lvl 50 (but says enhancement limit: 115 and min level 45)

    I've bartered for a Hunter's Bow of Legends and a Hunter's Sword of Legends.
    They both say in red
    Cannot use with effect: traceries barred.

    What I need is probably getting the old stuff out of my bags to slot the new
    in the wallet it says I have a limit of 10 000 on ancient scripts and appraising two of the old I'm already near that limit. After bartering for the two new LIs that can't be slotted, I have 5990 ancient scripts. What happens when I hit that limit? They seem to be account-wide and I have many more characters with the old LIs.

    By the way, why is one of the account-bound barters in my wallet and three others in my bags?

    I'm looking for tooltips and NPC info too but it's not so intuitive.

    In the next room I clicked 'word of power traceries' and there are 41 pages of them. There are several more shelves. They seem to be level 50 and then 86 instead of old 85. I guess we use level 50 an additional level.
    Should I keep my old LIs and use until 86 to not waste currency?

    It's been a frustrating time trying to figure this out. When I get to my old imbued LIs, will the process be the same?

    EDIT How do I get the 'cracked khazad-dum tracery'? Back in the day all I did was moria instances but I see no barter to get those. Will they be at 21st hall? I'm looking at 'quartermaster' NPCs there and there are no such items. I had 10 nimrodels left, must have been using up a lot over time, I think it cost 6 to give away one first age LI
    EDIT2 My character is 85 and looking at the LIs I was given, they are item level 51.
    EDIT3 The intuitive thing was trying to drag the 'appraised' item from the LI panel shift+i to the bags but I get the message "Classic Legendary items can no longer be slotted, advanced, or altered"
    I saw at NPC in new area that I could reforge the new LI items. They are now for level 85.
    With the help of a few old threads, a reddit post and chat I found out I can appraise from old LI panel and then go to a different area to deconstruch the items. I could use the flame thing on renewal scroll and the extracted legacy scroll. I can do nothing with the ixp runes and the shard thingies. Manually dragged old LIs out of character equipment panel and to bags, which allowed me to equip the new reforged LI items.
    After managing to equip the new LIs, I bought a damage over time thing and added to the 85 sword and a damage over time multiplier and added to the bow (one guide said there were two slots but I guess these are lower lvl items). It says I can't use Enhancement Runes on these items when dragging enhancement runes to the LIs as the tooltip says. So I bought another damage over time blue name item as I figured maybe it should not have been slotted before upgrading but says I can't use it.
    I figured maybe it's the wrong item type, went back to the fist room and bought an 'induction bow damage' blue name thingy. I slotted that to the sword. Dragging the enhancement runes' onto the equipped or unequipped weapon doesn't work though. I figured maybe I shouldn't have slotted it so I bought yet another blue name 'induction bow damage' but that can't be upgraded before slotting either.
    EDIT6 I bought one of the same 'induction bow damage' with purple name instead and tried to use the enhancements on it but nothing happened. So I clicked it and it asked if I wanted to slot it in my bow, which I did. Then I try to equip the bow and it says " You cannot equip multiple items socketed with the same unique essence."
    EDIT7 This page https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articl...tems-explained has none of that info or the function changed. Nearly made me spend a very large amount of mithril coins.
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    For some guidance on what to slot on your new LIs try here - https://lotrohq.com/

    For a guide to how new LIs work see - https://easilyamused.notion.site/New...82d75d39d40062

    There are other guides and probably some videos as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altair6 View Post
    For some guidance on what to slot on your new LIs try here - https://lotrohq.com/

    For a guide to how new LIs work see - https://easilyamused.notion.site/New...82d75d39d40062

    There are other guides and probably some videos as well.
    That was a very helpful second link, thank you!

    I think I'm all set now, had a few links and a few guides - was stuck on the page for dragging the enhancements to the panel thingy.

    Feedback: Nothing was intuitive. Worst bit: https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articl...tems-explained this page hinted at using the essence thing in Character panel and it nearly made me use up all my mithril.

    There is no need to have the new LI panel separate from the NPC to barter for more enhancements. There is also no need to have to drag the LI to the character panel. Extra steps.
    There is no need to have the several types of enhancements outside the premium wallet.
    The 'set' bonuses are awkward and an extra for a few classes. Welcome back to LI passives for some but not for all.

    EDIT I have ten slots for LIs and a brazillion of IXP runes and relics. Think I purchased the extra slots on a lot of alts across a lot of servers.
    This character happened to be lvl 85 and none of the stuff I was able to extract off the old LIs will be useful at 86. I'm not so sure getting the new 86 stuff will be very easy at all.

    By the way, just behind me near the NPC was a warden with over a million morale. My character at 85 has 14 934 hp in hytbold gear + some horse-lords pocket and rest teal. I think I read a lengthy post from a dev or about a dev spending many project hours adjusting the numbers in the game. Something strange must have happened.
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    Yeah, avoid anything Mithril related. Confusion is the name of the game.

    As for morale, there's a big jump in stats later in the game, so don't worry about where you're at now.



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