The Legendary Item Reward Track is an upcoming feature that will provide players with a new way to advance their Legendary Items. Our initial intention was to release this Reward Track with Update 31.1, but the system needs a bit more time before it is ready, so the Reward Track will now release with Update 31.2 in early 2022.

Here's how it will work: As you advance along the track, you'll unlock rewards along the way. The track is account based, so any of your characters can contribute to its progress. All its rewards are designed to scale to the level of the character that claims them - regardless of when you as the player earned them. The Legendary Reward Track is a method for players to earn enhancement runes, traceries, and other rewards through regular gameplay, and players will advance the track by earning Legendary Item XP. The track will refresh about every three months with a new set of rewards.

We look forward to showing you more about this feature in the near future. Thank you!