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    So Brawlers got mounted combat skills

    Just wanted to note that. It doesn't really say, we don't care bout mounted combat and it's "over", does it? Just wanted to be clear that I am hoping for a bridle fix or a new system to buff skills for mounted combat. I know it's on the "someday" list, but it's obviously not off the table if Brawlers got skills.

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    Tbf it has potential! If done properly it'd work well when we head to the east. And the idea of riding different mounts outside of horses, the suluk for example or whatever unique animals they have there.

    or even chariots hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by gripply View Post
    It doesn't really say, we don't care bout mounted combat and it's "over", does it?
    Counterpoint: The animations and icons were just copied from other classes and renamed. Which is fine, because they do fairly good MC damage, but it just says "bare minimum" to me.
    Work like no one is watching, dance like you don't need the money...

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    Where are Nancy Reagan's diviners and astrologers? Maybe they can tell us the intentions of the gods?


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    I`m levelling a brawler, sweet 23 at the moment, with experience stopper activated to do all the quests.

    But i also looking forward for the day i hit the moment when warsteed access is given. But how will i get and setup the bridle? I do always with the attributes which gives more control to riding for a good movement of the warsteed. With this it is quite comfortable as and faster than normal steeds.
    They could have let the old LI systems activated there, so everyone could have done the decision by themselves.

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    all this thread moving... last I checked I made this thread in General because it's of general interest

    this game is so ruined for me

    I've been at the quit point twice before with LOTRO. Maybe third time is the charm. I can no longer even play this game without getting upset with something.



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