Barely an Inconvenience is a chill & helpful kin on Arkenstone with a great sense of humor that wants to succeed at end-game content. If you're bored or questing alone because you just don't fit into the average kin, come with us! We're weird, goofy, and helpful to each other and others, but be warned we're an 18+ kinship.

We're currently looking to build an end-game raid team that we simply enjoy playing video games with. We like listening to music in and out of raids; but keep in mind communication comes first. Being inventive, tenacious and building a co-operative team is how we make things "super easy, barely an inconvenience".

We have a boosted Discord server, as well as an island kin house with banker, stables, training dummy, resource boxes, and crafting stations.

Contact Disasters, Beoran, or Kaedeth on Arkenstone if you are interested.

P.S. You are wasting both your time and our time if you are:

Easily irritated or otherwise emotionally unstable.

Prone to complaining. Remember this is a game and we are all here to have fun.