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    [Treebeard] The Unfading Lantern. RP-oriented kin is recruiting!

    Greetings, traveller!

    The Unfading Lantern opens recruitment on Treebeard!

    The Unfading Lantern is an association of rangers, explorers, warriors, scholars and adventurers who travel around Eriador and beyond, and are not tied to any particular place. Our members wear lantern-shaped brooches on their cloaks - symbols of unfading hope in the midst of thickening darkness. Many of us have chosen to reject the comfort of our homes to instead venture into dark and inhospitable places because we strongly feel that our fate is tied to that of the Middle-Earth, which faces another sinister war that leaves no one uninvolved. We are united by our spirit of adventure, and by our willingness to face the Shadow and offer our help and protection to those who need it most. While the lantern-bearers often act independently or in small groups, from time to time we gather our strength to accomplish things that no hero can do without help of their faithful companions.

    We are a roleplaying (RP) - oriented Kinship, but apart from RP we enjoy exploring the world of LOTRO and just having a good time together, discussing Tolkien’s lore, helping each other with crafting, instances and questing, etc. We consider all in-game chats except the “say” chat as OOC (out of character). Characters of all races and classes are welcomed here, as long as they generally fit within the lore and do not have inappropriate names such as “Supercyborg” or “Bilbotheorc”.

    If you haven’t experienced RP before or just not quite sure how to start, we highly recommend reading The Complete Guide to Role Play, Immersion, and the Lore . RP-wise we try to follow the lore as much as possible, but we also understand that minor compromises are sometimes necessary, especially in a mixed-race Kinship.

    We are planning to have regular RP events (every 2-3 weeks), open-themed RP gatherings once a week, and spontaneous RP whenever we feel like it.

    If you love Tolkien’s work, are interested in roleplay and are a sociable and friendly person, then the Unfading Lantern could become your home on Treebeard!

    It’s great if you already have an idea about the background of your character and why he or she would like to join our association. If you’re unsure about how to come up with a good and realistic background story (or a name) for your character, I (Tinurandir) will be happy to help you with that. Background story isn’t mandatory and can be constructed later, as you get a feel for the character you want to play better.

    If you have any questions or wish to join our Kinship please contact Heorbrand or Tinurandir.

    We are open to everyone, but we’re particularly looking for active people who will eventually be able to take on the officer positions and help us grow the Kinship and organize RP events.
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    Gaeldagnir - Laurelin https://laurelinarchives.org/profile/16837/
    Tinurandir - Treebeard

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    The Unfading Lantern had an awesome RP event today. It involved a riddle (see the letter), a searching expedition and a long discussion about the Shadow that is manifesting itself more and more openly in almost every corner of the Middle-Earth. We're planning to continue doing storyline RP events once every 2-3 weeks.


    We continue our recruitment! Any questions - please contact Heorbrand or Tinurandir.
    Gaeldagnir - Laurelin https://laurelinarchives.org/profile/16837/
    Tinurandir - Treebeard



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