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    What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?

    Easy, the Harvest-brew Goat! Tho it's never dropped off the Huge cache as it's supposed to, it's worth bartering for - gorgeous attire (and who doesn't love pretzels and a good brew?)

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    What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?

    My favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event is a three way tie between the following items: Cave-Claw Steed, Treasure Laden Goat, Treasure Laden Steed. I get very excited whenever a character of mine receives any of them.

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    The Cave Claw Mount..! Why? Cause its a caveclaw that you dig out of the ground and ride (or sort of...) ^^

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    I love when there is a steed drop. I especially love the cave claw steed, but also the goat.

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    What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?

    No favorite reward, just having fun.
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    Gonna concur with steeds.

    Many I never actively ride, but have a little OCD that drives me to fill up the Mounts list as best I can.

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    What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?
    Treasure Laden Goat because it's my first 68% speed goat.

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    All mounts and pets.

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    any of the TH mounts are nice!

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    The Treasure-laden Horse of course.
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    Has to be my Treasure Laden Pony called Jangles. Always makes me happy even in the saddest of times, in the gloomiest of days.

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    What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?
    My favorite reward is the Treasure Laden Goat.

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    The goat rules

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    After years of trying, of collecting doubles, triples, quadruples, quintuples of steeds you already have, you finally found the third steed necessary to complete that horrible deed.
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    The mounts

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    More pets!
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    My FAVE is finding the Large or Huge treasure chest and getting 12 coins! YAY!!!
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    "What is your favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event?"

    I would say, for me is the Treasure Laden Goat.

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    Red face

    The best reward is to have fun with my friends and other players! Mood is the best prize.

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    The Treasure Laden Goat, but that get attention by Thiefs :-)

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    My favorite reward from the Buried Treasure event is Harvest-brew Goat.

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    Harvest-brew Goat, and "Rich!" emote. ...I also like the Hobnani-stuff: Chickens & Facepaint.
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    The mounts - it would be nice if they were all available for tokens though - or if you got a choice of rewards from the caches

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    The Treasure Laden Goat! I've found 15 huge chests (while wearing the horseshoe no less) and I keep finding horse, no goat. Maybe we should be able to trade the horse or goat in for the other?
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