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    You like to dance close to the fire don't you?

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    A hobbit home and, more generally, hobbit lands. Because they are nice and peaceful and you get the best food ever among people who enjoy life and, except for a handful (*glares at Lobelia*) stay away from drama and have fun whenever they can.

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    Where would I visit first?

    I would have to visit Rohan. I love everywhere in Middle-earth, but Rohan is a favorite. Though Rivendell and the Shire comes a close second.

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    Shire: Inn League Challenge

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    The Green Dragon.
    I need to know if it truly has the best ale!
    (If it does, I may never leave)

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    Rohan. I'd like to get myself a warsteed too. ;D

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    Easy choice. One of my favorite places in the game: Eregion. I love the look of the land and to be able to explore it and the elf ruins from the Second Age would be amazing.

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    The first location in Middle Earth I'd visit would be . . .

    . . . Erebor!

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    The serenity of Lothlorien

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    If I were able to visit any place in Middle Earth in real life I'd visit Hobbiton. I saw a New Zealand Hobbiton tour complete with a banquet and that's what I want to do!!!!!!

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    I wanna be in the Shire, away from harsh war :O
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    Rivendell. It is full of places where you can sit and watch the water and the trees, and forget time.

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    If you could visit Middle-earth "in real life", where is the first place you would visit?

    Bag End!

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    The shire. It's the safest place to visit.

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    got to be the shire

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    If you could visit Middle-earth "in real life", where is the first place you would visit?

    For me, it's Evendim. If it looks anywhere near as pretty as it does in game then I think it'll be the perfect place for a picnic!
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    If you could visit Middle-earth "in real life", where is the first place you would visit?

    The Grey Havens, to take that ship going west.
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    If you could visit Middle-earth "in real life", where is the first place you would visit?

    Off the top of my head, I'd say Enedwaith, my favorite area of the game. But thinking logically, I'd be dead around every corner. Enedwaith being a beautiful yet wild and lawless area where Druggavar and Cun-Anun hunt at night.... So I'll take the safe route and say the Shire... Bit more peaceful.

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    Lothlorien, in a blink of eye

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    Ered Luin, one of the elven dwellings to be specific

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    The last homely house

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    What is the FIRST place I'd visit?

    I would start at Thorin's Gate first and follow Thorin & Co.'s footsteps to Erebor.

    If I could only choose ONE place to visit... It's a tough decision, but I might lean toward Rivendell.
    In the books and in LOTRO (the Shadows of Angmar days especially), it always felt so safe and magical... and difficult to get to! Arriving there in book or game always felt so special.
    So many interesting adventurers always seem to pass through Rivendell, and Bilbo certainly thought it was worth spending a lifetime there. :-)

    Honorable Mentions: I'd also want to visit Imloth Melui (in East Gondor) and Lothlorien, some of LOTRO's most beautiful areas!
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    Bag End, Shire.

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    If you could visit Middle-earth "in real life", where is the first place you would visit?

    The Prancing Pony, coz there's beer.


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