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    [Patch] MinstrelBuffs with Out-Of-Combat Timer

    MinstrelBuff is a great interface for showing a minstrel which ballads and anthems are active, and how long until the anthems expire.

    All ballad descriptions include the text "Expires if out of combat for 9 seconds". However, this is an incomplete summary of when ballads do and do not expire. For example: Cry of the Chorus gives you three ballad buffs even if you have been out of combat for 9 seconds.

    This patch adds a timer that shows when your ballads buffs will expire.

    Here's what the timer looks like as it counts down:

    White bar at bottom shows I've got the full 9 seconds left.

    I've been out of combat for around 6 seconds, so the bar is 2/3 gone.

    Whoops! Took too long to get back into combat, so my ballads expired.

    You can download the original plugin and this patch at lotrointerface.com.
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    Version of this patch is now available at lotrointerface.com.

    Version release notes:

    New Features:
    • Combat bar changes color from white to yellow when there is less than 5 seconds left before it expires.
    • Added a Secondary Combat timer. This is shown as red filling up the combat bar. Staying in combat long enough for the red to fill the remaining combat bar completely means you have refreshed your combat timer. Note: To refresh the combat timer, you have to stay in a secondary combat for 5 seconds (or the amount left on your combat timer if it's less than 5 seconds).

    I've been out of combat for around 6 seconds, so the bar is yellow.

    I'm in a secondary combat. If the red bar fills up the white bar, the combat timer will reset.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Entering combat with a Cry of the Chorus countdown active was being treated like starting a primary combat (incorrect) instead of a secondary combat (correct). This was causing ballads to expire unexpectedly (from the plugin's point of view) because the first combat after Cry of the Chorus was not long enough, and has been fixed.
    • Exiting a secondary combat just after refreshing the combat timer could result in the plugin thinking the combat timer should refresh, but the server thinking the ballads should expire. Plugin now stops combat timer if ballad expires, even if it thinks the secondary combat was long enough.
    • MinstrelBuffs window will now show if the combat timer is active even if no ballads or anthems are active.
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