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    What is the prettiest flower in Middle-earth?

    Goldberry. I am not arguing with Tom Bombadill on this subject.
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    hadn't noticed

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    What is the prettiest flower in Middle-earth?

    Niphredil, that first grew at the moment of Lúthien's birth.
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    The one that drops MC or LP.

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    little elanor
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    Lily of the Valley

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    Lily of the valley

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    I like the Iris.

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    lily of the valley

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    Iris here. Bonus if it's purple.

    ( Lucky 13, yes! )

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    They are ALL PRETTY!
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    Rosie Cotton

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    Olvar is the most beautiful flower in middle earth

    Olvar is the most beautiful flower in middle earth and hey sandingstonegames I am a new player and have been playing the game for 3 months and love the game.Thank you that you also get out weekly codes and the code with all areas just thank you for more about this discover flower or find out a link here https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Olvar is not much but a little something to read

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    Arwen is the prettiest flower.

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    What is the prettiest flower in Middle-earth?


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    Any of the purple ones.
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    I like the floating lanterns in Celondim that look like lotus flowers.

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    What is the prettiest flower in Middle-earth?

    Any one that you DON"T have to pick over and over again.

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    What is the prettiest flower in Middle-earth?

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    Even though I had the ‘skill’ -smell the roses, I have hardly ‘used’ it, till perhaps my first time doing the Spring Festival quest (and that too encore), - Borne Aloft In Springtime.

    So I will vote, -

    Perhaps Anarlossë ("… Nothing cheered us so much as the Anarlossë that linked the roads we walked… they grew in the gardens of Minas Anor… They grew too in the courts and along the paths of Annúminas… "- Haerandel)


    the Sun-Flowers
    ("… And not only that! I am grateful for one more thing: you have given back to me the hope of the unexpected, the unlooked-for wonders that might still remain around the next bend, or behind the next tree… the promise of sun-flowers, and that is something I have missed."- Edlothon)

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    Prettiest flower in Middle Earth?

    I would love to get all deep-lore and pull out something truly botanically spectacular, but I must admit that I just don't know enough. So I'm going to go a little oblique and nominate a plant not particularly noted for its flowers (though one may assume it does flower) but that is granted a decent amount of respect, both in LotR and LotRO: described by Tolkein as probably a variety of nicotiana, by Gondorians as galenas, and by Hobbits as pipe-weed.

    Plant unremarkable, though lovely, until harvested and dried. Then it can be found stored in barrels or in leather pouches. It shows equal preference to full sunlight and to dark inn-corners. Blossoms appear most often in the evening, most plentifully after a good meal and/or a well-told tale, most heartily in the company of friends, and most fantastically from the pipe of a Wizard.
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