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    Gladden's King Aragorn's Name Day Tournament

    I don't know about you, but one thing I always wanted for Viggo Mortensen was a King's Name Day Tournament!! In days of old, it was customary for the King to throw a tournament of some kind to reign in a new era. Whether it was a wedding(Just happened :P), alliance secured, and especially on the King's name day!

    Before you continue reading about the sparring tournament parameters it is encouraged for you to type in game "/joinchannel serverevents" (without the "" of course ;P). This user chat channel will be the central hub of all tournament talks, and other server wide events to happen in the future! Feel free to create your own event and advertise it there! On Saturday August 15th, at 8PM EST (Server time), just outside of Bree West Gate there will be a server wide sparring tournament!

    There will be five level brackets all the way up starting at level 5-10. There will also be 2 level 130 brackets(*2nd Place for these brackets will get 125G each!*) making the last bracket before theirs only have 4 levels @ 126-129!! Should you want you best chance of winning, try to get to the highest level in your bracket by tournament start! There will be no draws, and rematchs are at the disclosure of the opponent you face, but this is a single elimination tournament!!! In the event a bracket has a odd number of participants, that bracket specifically will go to double elimination! All food and potions you are able to use, can be used!! The only rules are to kill the person you are paired against, and to stay reasonably within the designated sparring area. WE WILL BE USING A ./ROLL SYSTEM ON THE SPOT, SO YOUR SPARRING PARTNER WILL BE COMPLETELY RANDOM!!!!! Simply show up for your bracket's time slot (the higher level you are the later it will be in the 8-10PM Time Window) and join that bracket's fellowship/raid to ./roll. I have been given a lot of advice on pairing, and I have decided this random on the spot matching is better than a pre-made roster. To those who feel their matchup was unfair.....I'll say this.....I'm not really doing this for anyone....not even myself...I am doing this for the game that has given me so much! Get those virtues maxed out, be max level in your bracket, have a game plan if your matchup isnt to your liking. Don't make excuses, or whine...be the difference!

    The first bracket will start at 8PM EST and we will be announcing bracket changes in the "serverevents" user chat channel gradually increasing brackets around a 5-10 minute pace. (Each bracket/spar may not last that long!) The final battle will consist of the winners of the 2 level 130 bracket winners, and will be shoutcasted LIVE on the ManaPotz Youtube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOv...WqmcIU2FCuh-uw ROUGHLY 10PM EST (Server time) to determine the tournament winner!! The prize pool will go up as the brackets go up. At the behest of one of the major benefactors of this tournament, the lvl 46-50 bracket will exclusively have a massive payout bonus(500 Gold!) to give incentive to those who may transfer from the Bombadil Server, and also draw mid game players to the tournament as well. The prizes for the 2 level 130 bracket winners is to be 500 Gold a piece, and another 750G to the tournament winner! We are even giving a $20 prepaid gift card info for the online shopping of your choosing to the tournament winner. There will also be some neat rewards provided by Cordovan, LOTRO Point Codes & some event titles! In total, we are going to give away approximately 5,500 Gold! We have currently raised ALL 5,500 GOLD ! Below is a list of all the brackets with their prize payout. Note that the single prizes are for the winners of that bracket only. If a bracket has a 2nd and 3rd Place prize payout, it was requested by the donors to be set up this way!

    Here is an updated TOURNAMENT POSTER!

    If you wish to get involved in the behind the scene work just mail me or reply to this thread! We plan to start doing a lot of these server wide events on a bi-monthly basis! Stay tuned in to the "serverevents" user chat channel for all the information as it comes out! There will be a link posted often in that user chat channel and World Chat a few times each week that will take you to this thread. It will also be showcased in the LOTRO Beacon hopefully before 8/15!! I encourage everyone to spread the word! The more the merrier!!

    Hope to see you all at the event! *P.S. As this is a long way out, some of these details are subject to change!!*
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    Good luck on a fun event!
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    Lvl 130 Finalists

    Titles provided by Cordovan for this event: Tournament Winner and Organizer
    (credits to @Ody)

    Closing Race to give away the in-game Gold prize pool
    (credits to @Ody for this awesome pic)

    More pics in the Gladden (LOTRO) discord server!



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