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    [MUSICAL EVENT] A Light Of Hope - Sunday 26th April

    In this phial, it caught the light of Eärendil's star, set amid the waters of my fountain. It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

    - Galadriel -

    To bring light in the darkest of times, Lord Elrond Halfelven and HOBBIT HEART proudly brings to you


    Date: Sunday, April 26th, 2020

    Time: 8 pm BST ( 3 pm /servertime - 9 pm central EU summer time)

    Location: Last Homely House Gardens - Glorfindel's Hill - RIVENDELL

    Behold, oh weary traveler, soon there will be a beautiful dawn, a day when these hostile hours, these days of pain and sadness, will only be the faintest of memories, but dark and steep and long is the path we must follow. So do not tire, do not despair, do not abandon others, and do not forget that, though we walk now in darkness, we and we alone carry the light of HOPE.

    Stars are born out of darkest moments

    - Elrond -

    Event Details : A LIGHT OF HOPE, is a Hobbit Heart musical and poetical homage to bring hope and joy in the darkest of times. Music, songs and poems are carefully collected and chosen from a collection of songs and poetry of the Shire and beyond. This is a peaceful event open to ALL races.

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    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    Here is the program for the evening - we hope to see you there


    by Hobbit Heart


    7.30pm - Audience start to gather in the gardens of the Last Homely House, Glorfindel's Hill, Rivendell
    8.00pm - Bennidict of Shire Rose’s Welcome Speech - Musical performance start

    - Songs -

    1. We Will Draw Near - Opening melody
    2. Hobbit Sunshine - A traditional hobbit song to welcome a new day
    3. Sing All Ye Joyful - A cheery hobbit tune
    4. Heart of the Shire - A delicate tune about the beauty of the Shire


    5. Nightingale - A song inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien poem Beren and Lúthien
    6. Star of Eärendil - A song inspired by the tales of Eärendil the Mariner
    7. Candle On The Water - A song about the light of hope and friendship
    8. Cavatina - A classic Hobbit Heart's tune


    9. Life is Beautiful - A cheerful song about the beauty of life and happiness
    10. Somewhere My Friends- A soft tune about distant friends
    11. Let's Go Eat A Pie - A lovely hobbit song about....pie, of course.
    12. Song of Iluvatar - A love song about the creation of Middle-earth and Arda


    13. The Rose of the Shire - A gentle hobbit tune about roses
    14. Music of the Night - A mellow song about music
    15. Buckland Hornepipe- A lively dance associated with river-hobbits
    16. Tuckborough Fair- A classic Hobbit Heart's song from Tookland

    BENNIDICT of Shire Rose on behalf of Lord Elrond Half-elven : BLESSING OF HOPE

    17. Sweet Valinor- A song of the sea dedicated to all those who have sailed into the West
    18. Memory of Shire Fair - The very first song ever performed by Hobbit Heart
    19. A Light of Hope A song of hope and light



    Event Location :

    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    Sounds ace, hope to be there
    -- Rana
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    Thank You for a wonderful time

    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    Thank you for a beautiful event.
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