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    Update 25.3 Release Notes

    Update 25.3 Release Notes

    Here are the Release Notes for Update 25.3, released on Wednesday, January 22nd.

    Of Special Note:

    New Minas Morgul Expansion Instances

    This update brings three new Instances to the game, available to anyone who has purchased the Minas Morgul expansion. Click here to learn more about the expansion.

    The following instances are now available:

    • Bar Nirnaeth, The Houses of Lamentation - This profane temple stands at the edge of the hidden vale of Thuringwath, and is known only from the darkest of whispers, until now. The temple's undead guardians and wicked cultists have grown restless since the Dark Lord's fall, and yearn for blood and souls to slake the thirst of an even darker presence lurking in the mountains beyond.
    • Ghashan-Kutot, The Halls of Black Lore - These halls were once a sanctuary of light and repository of all wisdom in Minas Ithil. In the years since the city fell under the sway of the Morgul, however, the power of the Enemy has corrupted it, and these halls are now an archive of foul, forbidden knowledge. Face its keeper and survive his sorcery, or be tormented by enemies thought long defeated!
    • The Fallen Kings - This Instance takes place during the Second Age, and is only available as a six-person version. Fight the Nine Nazgûl or succumb on the battlefield!

    NOTE: The Leading the Charge deeds for the Minas Morgul 6-player instances will be available to complete until 3/2/20 at 3:00 AM Eastern time.

    News and Notes:


    • Minas Ithil Minstrel instrument recipes available for barter with the White Company Quartermaster no longer require Woodworker crafting guild reputation to barter or use. These recipes also no longer bind on acquire, although recipes you already have will remain bound to your account.
    • Woodworker and Weaponsmith recipes available from the Reclamation of Minas Ithil reputation vendors no longer bind on acquire, although recipes you already have will remain bound to your account.
    • Softly Moonlit Essences now disenchant to a Malleable Moonlit Essence. Malleable Moonlit Essences are required to craft more powerful Essences.


    • An error has been corrected with the relic exchange on the Reclamation of Minas Ithil barter vendors. You can now receive one Relic of Minas Ithil in exchange for 50 Sigils of Imlad Ithil, instead of the inverse, once you have reached standing: The Reclamation Continues.
    • The White Company Quartermaster Reputation vendor now offers Minas Morgul housing music boxes, available for Sigils of Imlad Ithil once you have reached Ally standing.
    • Adventurer's lootbox gear, when opened at level 130, will now be base item level 407.
    • The Adventurer's quartermasters now offer softly moonlit essences and incomparable armour and jewellery for level 130 characters.


    • The Wraith skill Terrible Retribution has had its reflect damage lessened from 25% to 15%.

    Quest and Adventure Areas

    • Instance: The Forgotten Lords - The Instance will now continue to work if the player is defeated mid-fight.
    • Quest: Hobbling Homeward - Malhar now hobbles correctly.
    • Quest: A Weapon of Old - Nar properly repairs the axe now.


    • Several French and German translations have been updated.

    Known Issues

    • There are some item translation issues in French and German.
    • Bar Nirneath, The Houses of Lamentation:
      • The discovery deed is not currently completing, and this Instance cannot be accessed from the landscape. The deed is temporarily not required for access, and the Instance can be entered through the Instance Finder.
      • The boss Agath-Kali can continuously reset in solo/duo versions of the Instance, preventing completion.
      • Players can find themselves unable to get back into battle with the gaunt-woman after a party wipe.

    • The Halls of Black Lore - This Instance cannot be completed in Duo group size.
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