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    Observations from a casual player

    1 The stories are very good! I enjoy the writing very much. Lots of interesting twists and turns keep the gameplay interesting to me.

    2 The landscape builders have done another outstanding job. Very beautiful in places, and very foreboding in others.

    3 The rewards...need some help. At this point in the game, I see no reason to have LI xp as a reward. I would rather see that converted into a rune. Yes, I see we will be increasing our LIs again, but the item xp from the kills and such will help with that...as will doing the old Minas Tirith dailies and festivals/instances for scrolls and crystals.

    4 Loot drops from mobs also could use some help. There is no reason to drop things from Westemnet crafting tier here (or even below level 105 or 110 content). Yes, I can sell it, but I would rather have something that fits the area other than craft ingredients I no longer need.

    5 Which brings us to crafting. I was excited to see another tier for crafting...until I found that, again, the recipes are locked behind rep. That is not encouraging especially after the kerfuffle from the Vales recipes requiring an item that takes a long time to get from prior content. Why not make it so the recipes make more sense with the region/level they are for, just like you did in Westemnet and prior tiers where there was a decent set of recipes at level 90 and a much better set requiring better materials for level 95. If you want extra special recipes for uber gear, then yes use that concept. But for a casual player, that is not what I need. I just want gear good enough to do the landscape. The new craft holding bags are very nice. I will be buying them from the store when they become available.

    6 I tried the first 2 mandatory instances and most of the retake the towers. I had serious bugs in each of them with at least one of my characters. Other players have already mentioned the specifics about the bone piles, the disappearing platforms, and the tower rangers.

    7 The bug tool was nowhere to be found, so all the bugs I ran into were not reported. I am hopeful there will be some way to report all the bugs in the next round of beta.

    8 Mordor under siege was interesting...but it looks like the thread that ties everything together there will be the Black Book of Mordor. Without that, the quests didn't really flow together very well.

    Overall, this expansion has a tremendous amount of potential.

    As a VIP player, I already support SSG on a regular basis. I will not be spending additional cash for the expansion. I will be waiting not just until March, but until it goes on sale for a very good LP price before I purchase it. I would really like to see more thought given to VIPs and rewards for our faithful contributions. We love the game and we support you. Please support us, too.

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    I agree. VIP simply isn't worth it. Most of us don't need the blue bar, we don't play in the moors, and we already have all the content purchased. So why would I buy VIP, for the ###### hobbit presents? LOL.



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