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    [Crickhollow] Shirefest 2019 Line up

    Shirefest 2019
    July 5th - 7th At Methel Stage on Crickhollow

    Here is the Line up of all the Bands playing. All times are Eastern Daylight which is server-time, to know your time can see here Time Zone Map

    Friday July 5th Time Home server Bandleader
    Gallic Frogs Band 5:00PM Sirannon Vercingetoric
    The Rakes of Kilkarill 6:00 PM Crickhollow Rheniogil
    Flutterbyes 7:00 PM Crickhollow JustaDream
    Alt Rock Band 8:00 PM Crickhollow Luventhariel
    Saturday July 6th
    Polnolunie 1:00 PM Laurelin Gerhalt
    The Crazy Ladies of the Forest 2:00 PM Laurelin Carthien
    Mondbarden 3:00 PM Belegaer/Laurelin Tunvil
    Purple Parlor Pipeweed Band 4:00 PM Crickhollow Rosemarinie
    Breakfast Club 5:00 PM Crickhollow Dallofin
    No Whole Bard 6:00 PM Crickhollow Lasswen
    House of the Harp 7:00 PM Laurelin Cedhrillan
    Duidhrastir/Laaleth Duets 8:00 PM Crickhollow Duidhrastir
    Disenchanted 9:00 PM Crickhollow Weetodd
    Magical Rhythm and Blues Review 10:00 PM Brandywine Beatpest
    Savo 'Lass 11:00 PM Crickhollow Duidhrastir
    Sunday Jully 7th
    Department of Harmony and Song 1:00 PM Landroval Zinnelle
    Mushroom Stew 2:00 PM Crickhollow Genovefa
    Moonshine Wanderers 3:00 PM Belegaer/Laurelin Vethlo/Belaya
    Bards of Valinor 4:00 PM Crickhollow/Landroval Eviluer
    The TeeDees 5:00 PM Landroval Teedeegrowl
    Ghosts n Roses 6:00 PM Crickhollow Rothariel
    Mardis Gras Party 7:00 PM Landroval/Crickhollow Kenghis
    Spycegirls 8:00 PM Crickhollow Pumpkinspyce
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    A wonderful three days of music. Thanks to those who put on Shirefest for keeping Rosalie's spirit alive.
    The Lonely Mountain Band
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    Thank you Aedon, and everyone else who came and had fun with us!

    Truly, it was a spectacular group effort, from my fellow Breakfasters, to the Band Leaders, and of course the remarkable Music Community that showed up to listen and dance and shoot off fireworks!

    We did have our glitches; several scheduling delays, a Spycegirl had to make a last minute run to the bushes, my 1st Fiddle player in Alt Rock Band was a little too drunk and had to use a bucket after the first song, several amps shorted out in the rain, Halo experienced a dangerous shortage of ale for a bit, Duidhrastir lost his train of thought when he accidently looked over in Laaleth's direction and started to drool, and an entire band was ambushed by goblins on their way to Bywater. But I think we covered it up well.

    My thanks to everyone involved as well!
    Luventhariel and Appletart of Second Breakfast, Crickhollow



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