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    [EVENT] Tarnin Austa Celebrations

    Date: June 25th, 2019
    Time: 3 pm servertime (8 pm UK)
    Server: Laurelin
    Location: Meadow near Spire of Meeting, Rivendell (29.6S, 4.4W)

    Mae Govannen!

    The Elves of the Bar-en-Vanimar invite any Elves or Elf-friends in Imladris to attend a celebration dear to their hearts. Many of that House are survivors, or descendants of survivors of the great city of Gondolin, and they continue to remember the 'Gates of Summer', though not without some sorrow.

    Yet the festival is a joyful one. Music, dancing, memories recalled are encouraged. Though we may not have the numbers for a great choir, and no eastern wall to stand upon, we can still greet the rising of Anar with music and with hope.

    OOC details: This is a predominantly elven event, though any guests of Lord Elrond, of whatever race, are welcome. Please bring lanterns or sparklers if you have them, to be lit when the sun rises, or to symbolize sun rise. There will be a short time of silence (30 seconds is what we will try to manage) in remembrance of the night time vigil.

    Folk are welcome to play music, recite a poem, or share a memory suitable for such an event.
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    A friendly reminder of this lovely event: www.laurelinarchives.org/node/49721
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