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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 112

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, May 30th. Good luck!

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    That reminds me that I haven't done any of the Bingo Boffin quests yet.

    Where exactly do I pick the first one up at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzviden View Post
    That reminds me that I haven't done any of the Bingo Boffin quests yet.

    Where exactly do I pick the first one up at?
    Michel Delvin, near the town center.

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    Fave Bingo Boffin episode...

    Meeting Willem Whisker's family.

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    Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?

    When he falls into that hole in the ice on the Misty Mountains...
    ...in fact the series should have continued with the one-eyed dwarf and the lynx alone

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    I like meeting Marigold when you go into the old forest to find her.
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    - the one where Cordovan did the weekly Beacon.

    Seriously, if you can't squeeze out anything better than "Whats your favorite" several weeks in a row, ask MoL or Cord for ideas.

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    "Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?"

    The prequels which have yet to be made!

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    Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?

    The whole Misty Mountains questline.
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    When Bingo sent me back to get . . .

    Actually, Willem and the cubs were my favorite part.

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    I loved the camping in Trollshaws where Bingo sleeps through several fights.
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    Storywise I loved when you finally get to rescue poor Bingo from Moria, and even more the revelation about Gun Ain's ultimate fate. Gameplay-wise, though, being a sucker for riddles of any kind, I loved the Theodore Gorse riddle quests, especially first one (The Last Treasure quest).

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    Good luck everyone!

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    The part where Bingo swims! Or, the part where I swim.

    Bingo is so adorable!

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    my favorite one is where you go in Draigoch's Lair

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    "Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?"

    I loved his "enthusiasm" at the Prancing Pony! You can't fault him for getting into the spirit of things!

    "Our thirsts at the Pony we're slaking.
    Perhaps one too much? Bingo's aching.
    Such dancing, fine ales,
    Good food, better tales
    But off to the Lonelands 'pon waking."

    ...when in doubt...twirl...
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    That hobbit fellow? Never heard of him.

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    The party at the end, gathering all the characters together! Although Draigoch's Lair was pretty cool too.

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    I haven't finished the Bingo line yet - he's down a hole in the Misty Mountains waiting for me, IIRC - but so far my hands-down favorite is teaching him to swim near the Stocktower.

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    Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?

    So far I thought teaching Bingo how to swim was the funny/silliest. Currently up to the Lornspan.
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    The part when he falls in the big hole in the Misty Mountains.

    Should have left him there!

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    Willem Whisker

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    Love watching Bingo try and swim the Brandywine.

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    Which is your favorite episode of Bingo Boffin?

    Treasure hunting in the Lone-lands.


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