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    [LAURELIN, MUSIC] "Tinnúlaer, Edhellen Lalaith", music performance by Lindamar

    “Tinnúlaer, Edhellen Lalaith”
    “Summer nights, Elven merriment”

    Lindamar presents an evening with elven themed music and poetry for the warmer summer nights to come.

    Date: June 2nd, 2019
    Time: 3 pm servertime (8 pm GMT, 9 pm GMT+1)
    Location: Celondim Pavilion (29.4S, 92.6W)

    Event details:

    Lindamar, ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, invites all free people, elves and elven friends, to come and share with us as we through elven themed summer music and poetry celebrate the coming of warmer nights filled with merriment, laughter, and dancing.

    This time we gather in beautiful Lindon, at the Elven Pavillion, south and uphill of Celondim. As the performance draws to a close, visitors will be invited to share with us either a poem or a song befitting the spirit of the event and season. So, please bring one or both if so inclined.

    OOC details:

    This is an in-character and timeless event, as some of the band members may be elsewhere. Every one, elf-friends or good natured travelers of the free people, with a reasonable purpose for visiting or staying in area at the time of the performance, are most welcome to attend.

    Towards the end, visitors are welcome to come on stage to share with us a poem or a song of choice, as long as either respects the spirit of the event. Poems and songs should also respect a reasonable length of performance (max. 2 mins and 4 mins respectively). Please PM your interest at the event to one of the contact persons. Depending on number of interested, more than one poem and/or song may be shared.

    event page: https://laurelinarchives.org/node/49504
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    If you are a streamer interested in streaming this event, please make contact with either Elvealin or Ealendil through in-game mail on Laurelin.
    Ealendil of Doriath, composer and member of Lindamar, Vanimar, Laurelin



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