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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 108

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    The 12 year anniversary dragon fireworks.

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    I know its the hardest to get but the pimerrialf birthday firework is the naughtiest and dish washingly finest of all....

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    Fires to work!

    I do enjoy occasional blue firework tyvm

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    The pinwheel spinning firework! It's portable.

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    My Hope has been boosted! Yes!
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    Gandalf's fireworks are the best!

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    Glowworm Neon Green

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    The dragon fireworks!

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    The dragon fireworks!
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    Rockets. Big ones.

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    I just LOVE the Dragon fireworks with the Eagle fireworks a close second!
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    Which firework is your favorite?

    My favorite firework is purple.
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    Which firework is your favorite?

    All of them, but the latest one is a favorite.
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    I like the green ones, but not the indoor ones.

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    The Dragon Firework !

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    I love it when someone launches one of each color, one right after another. I still haven't seen the Dragon, but that would probably end up being my favorite.

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    I love my new spinning pinwheel firecracker!
    I sit down next to it and enjoy elevenses while I watch the show!
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    The dragon I guess. Would've appreciated the eagle more if it had been more than a reskin.

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    Which firework is your favorite?

    I don't have it, but I like seeing other players set off the new wheel fireworks.

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    Which firework is your favorite?

    By far, the Dragon fireworks! But I haven't seen the new ones yet. My 2nd favorite's are the Purple & Hobbit fireworks. Also, for indoors I like Lobelia's Fireworks (pretty Pastel colors).
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    The next one...maybe.

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    The eagle firework, I saw someone launch it yesterday.

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    The Dragon fireworks, of course.
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    Ones that actually stick with you and aren't consumed on use! D:


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