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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 99

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    The Forsaken Inn, kinda like The Hotel California. Where you can always checkout, but you can never leave.

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    Yeah, Forsaken Inn too.

    Sergio :-)
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    The Prancing Pony! (It comes in pints????)

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    The Not-so-Forgotten-Inn. I remember being thrilled the first time I've ever run an Instance. I've had almost the same felling on Leggy Server (Ithil) last time.

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    Which Inn or Tavern have you been to the most throughout your adventures?

    The Prancing Pony, is there any better?
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    No question, The Bird and Baby, that's where our band, Green Hill Music Society, plays every other Tuesday on Landy.

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    The Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving
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    I think all of my characters visit three inns:
    The Prancing Pony for epic quests.
    Bird and Baby for a haircut. (Shire always had less lag than Bree and it's more convenient than Thorin's Hall.)
    Thorin's Hall tavern. (For the nostalgia!)

    After that, I've always liked the Golden Perch in Stock. I like the layout with the yard out front. Always seemed a good place to set up a kin party or something...
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    Which Inn or Tavern have you been to the most throughout your adventures?

    I don't go to inns. There is so much to do, and one thing drives out another...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    The Prancing Pony hands down!

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    Which Inn or Tavern have you been to the most throughout your adventures?

    O'Shea's Pub ... many an adventure started and/or ended there

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    Thorin's Hall

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    Which Inn or Tavern have you been to the most throughout your adventures?

    While my favorite inn is the Plough & Stars in Brockenborings, yet the tavern I seem to always end up in is the Forsaken Inn in the Lone Lands.

    It's starting to make me wonder about the character of my characters....

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    The Forsaken Inn
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    Probably the Prancing Pony as well... but exploring others as we go now!

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    Bird & Baby. (Inn League VIP room in the back)

    I stroll by the Prancing Pony quite often, but rarely patronize.

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    Jolly Bell in Dale, no competition. Every third day for 'Continued Patronage'. It was on the Dale rep/currency/Black key circuit.

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    I believe it's a close tie between The Prancing Pony, and The Forsaken (leaning slightly towards TPP.)

    Though if I were to choose one to visit in between questing, I would not turn down the warm hospitality of Barliman Butterbur. Hearty drinks and hearty company!

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    In the Shire

    Definately The Bird And Baby Inn. All those festival quests

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    Inns? I don't remember.... I usually wake up somewhere in the Shire without pants on, so I am assuming my evening started in one of the many Inns.....
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    The Prancing Pony and then The Forsaken Inn! Hands down!
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    the pranching pony ofc
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    I'm going with the Prancing Pony

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    The Forsaken Inn because of the quests. Almost each of my characters goes to the Lone-lands.


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