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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 96

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    And there is no link in the beacon where it should be. (EDIT: Now it is there.)
    And is the winner drawn randomly or do you apply certain criteria for selection?
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    What region in LOTRO has the best snow?

    It's in the region of Forochel, but only at a specific spot. Start at 13.6N, 74.4W ... take three Hobbit steps the the east and one Beorning step south ... right there ... it won't look any different, but it's the best snow ... trust me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gildoriel View Post
    And is the winner drawn randomly or do you apply certain criteria for selection?
    They pick randomly.

    Best snow is in Frostbluff, of course. They spend all year working on it for Yuletime!

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    Sergio :-)
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    What region in LOTRO has the best snow?

    Obviously, the region of the Yule Rabbit's head, between his two fluffy ears! Aaaaaah, so soft!

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    Ask me that when we are in summer, hate the thought of all that cold and snow, heading off to Mordor to warm up.

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    What region in LOTRO has the best snow?

    Frostbluff, of course, followed by Misty Mountains
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    Red Horn Pass - it'll cost you your life but it's the best slide ever!

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    I keep hoping for a winter lodge at Zirak-zigil's peak! Whatta view

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    “What region in LOTRO has the best snow?”

    The best snow for eating, you mean? I would go to the misty mountains and climb Caradhras.
    The snow there is still pure and hardly ever trodden by meddling, dirty feet.
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    The blizzards in the Misty Mountains!

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    Misty Mountains

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    What region of LotRO has the best snow?

    Moria, for there is no snow like the one surrounding Durin's Bane.

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    My favorite winter area? Forochel.

    Why? The blowing snow and fog -- the real feel of the surrounding coldness of the place.

    And because I actually like the Forochel fog. I also like the rare occasions where the fog follows me into other zones. Forochel fog in Bree-town on a rainy night is beautiful and adds a lot of character and atmosphere. Forochel fog in the Barrow Downs at night adds something special to the creepy factor of the place. I personally think they should add it to those areas as part of their occasional weather cycles.

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    What region in LOTRO has the best snow?

    have you seen how many different monsters are after it?!..

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    What region in LOTRO has the best snow?


    the atmosphere is really chilling.

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    The Misty snows are good.

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    Definitely not Frostbluff, the snow there is mostly yellow and sometimes even brown.

    Too many yetis and drunken revelers. Not sure which of the two is messier, tbh.

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    Forochel, of course!
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    Forochel for shure.

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    well..... most people should say its Forochel n i would say the same if we were talking about ice!
    but no! if you want the best snow go to Misty Mountans! there the snow is always fresh!!!
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    Frostbluff without a doubt

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