Hi all,
The Dwarrowdam kinship on Landroval is looking for new members, after a few of our cap-levels had to depart due to real-life commitments. We have been here for five years and would welcome some fresh faces! Like the name suggests, Dwarrowdam has many lady-dwarf members and welcomes any others out there! But we are totally open to any and all players, regardless of race, class, or level. We are a relaxed social kinship that enjoys a variety of group activities, from skirms and deeding to chicken play and freeze tag - we'll do it all! This kinship is a good way to make new friends, and receive mentoring and help if you are a new player. We also hope to re-establish our weekly kin nights at a more convenient day and time, so input from new members is crucial for this. Due to the amount of formerly high-level, active players we have lost, we are hoping to find a good handful of committed, consistently active players to join the Dwarrowdam family. We are welcoming and friendly, and would very much like to repopulate our ranks to once more become the very active kinship we were just a year ago. The more the merrier is exceptionally true with us!

If you are interested or have any questions at all, contact one of our officers in-game: me (Namadith), Daerhovan, or Badari.
(I am not often on the forums so I cannot guarantee I will see replies to this thread but I will make every attempt to keep up with messages I receive!)

Thank you!

- Namadith
(alts: Gorthauron, Farrokhbulsara, Maironendil, Vrethon, Lafmuna, Kivikarhu - if you see me, come say hi!)