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    Dec 2017

    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 87

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    Aug 2016
    at least one certainly

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    Oct 2011
    One entire pecan pie.
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    "How many pies are you planning to eat this weekend?"

    Well, duh! As many as possible! But it all depends: how many hobbits can you get into a pie? Cos as everybody knows, hobbit pie is my very favourite!
    Another one bites the dust...

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    I want to get a picture of this and send it to the Beacon but there is no info on where to send it. Do you know Dwarf?
    I would rather be silly than grumpy.

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    Pies, Pies and more Pies!!! More, more, more!!! Hundreds of them!!! To be truly honest, about three of them this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
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    Pumpkin and Apple! Homemade, of course!

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    Question on the beacon The sales in the store or in game do not show what the beacon has? "75% off Helm's Deep Expansion". It is only showing the Mordor expansion. Is this one on sale or will be on sale on a specific day?

    Ahh that is just wrong.. get someones hopes up just to rip them away.. see the page changed now.

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    All of them.

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    Pies?!? My goodness! I am an elf, no pies for me.
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    one ..half pecan half pumpkin

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    How many pies are you planning to eat this weekend?

    A lot, pies are never enough!

    Sergio :-)
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    Pick me, pick me!

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    I will eat many pies. Except, I don't eat pies: I DEVOUR them!

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    No pies at all! This weekend imma eat cake

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    We currently have 3 different types in the kitchen. I will probably total a whole pie, just made up of 3 different types.

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    Probably won't be having any pie, or turkey, or, well anything thanksgivingy...


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    No pies, Hobbits will have eaten them all. But I will most likely consume at least 4 freckled rolls.
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    Just one pumpkin pie that I will make this afternoon.
    But it's a special one! Made with ingredients that I carried all the way from my hometown in the Shire.

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    I'll have to ask the hobbits for their spare pies, which is usually none.

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    Naerband has been tried and tested as a fully-functional oven... only a matter of time before some enterprising hobbits make the trek and set up shop. Those pies? I'd eat a baker's dozen of those.

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    All the pies ya silly!

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    No plan. Just eat! Any that cross my path. Already started with pumpkin. Sweet tater, and cherry look pretty scared as I stare that way...

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    Can't really tell, I'm just going to eat until I'm full.


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