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    Forged By Fire is recruiting for the legendary server

    Forged By Fire is a group of Players that have been around since the launch of lotro.
    We hope to bring in a lot of old school players, and new players alike, help them get a handle on all of the changes they may have missed and enjoy the game with us.
    We will be doing all of the content as it becomes available to us on the legendary server.
    We will be focusing on End game content on a regular basis.
    We will be sticking with a age limit of 18 and up.
    We are looking for anyone who is interested in raiding, casual play, social fun, And just to be a part of something.
    Discord will be used, And big content will be ran on a EST time schedule, However we welcome players from all time zones.
    All classes and races are welcome!

    If you have any questions please feel free to send me a pm on the forums.

    If you would like to join us on this new adventure, please send me a private message here on the forums, or reply below with the following.

    1. The class you plan on making
    2. Age
    3. Time zone / what time is best for you to raid etc
    4. The in game name you hope on creating when the server launches

    We are keeping things simple and fun, We will be doing all content in a quick fashion and everyone in kin will be able to be a part of all content ran.
    We do not play favorites And want everyone to get what they want out of the game.
    Most of us know this game very well So regardless if you are a old or new player and would like to raid and progress in the game this is the place for you.
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    Hey there! What's your take on underperforming classes participating in endgame activities? I'm thinking I might play a Beorning for this launch. While I know it's not the best at any of the three roles, I like the versatility. I have a feeling that endgame content won't be super-difficult given the power creep introduced with the talent trees, so any class should be viable to clear content - just not optimal. Will you guys consider all classes for endgame activities, or will you be shooting for meta party comps for efficiency?

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    We will be taking all classes to end game content. Someone who may know a class better than others like the Beorning can actually bring a lot to kin showing others the pro's of bringing it to a certain fight, or certain things it can do to make things easier for the raid in general.

    This whole legendary server has it's pro's and con's But at the end of the day it gives players a fresh start to learn new classes and get to enjoy them in old content or content they never got to run on level. It's nice for old players returning and new players alike.

    The only time i would sit a class out from a specific boss fight is if we have tried it many times and a specific class just wont work in it. But that is also the fun of the game, making that unwanted class shine and work in the fight and hopefully better the fight.

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    Right on. Thanks for the reply. How many in your group so far?

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    We are sitting at about 20+ active right now. However we will grow as time goes on and from who we recruit at the initial launch of the server.
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    Still looking for players interested in raiding and all the other fun stuff.

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    Me and the Husband are definitely interested. Haven't decided what classes we're going to do, but will pm you as soon as I can nail him down after work. Love that you're doing this!

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    Have you selected days of the week that big content will be scheduled for?
    I am in CST and work until 9pm 5 days a week so I would like to make sure I find a home that allows me to participate in group play.

    Thank you



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