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    Treats of Trickery treat doormats

    For those of us that participated in calculated childhood trick or treating, we remembered which houses gave the good stuff, and avoided the houses we knew were gonna give us salted peanuts. in the spirit of that, and in an attempt to avoid this quest requiring quite literally hours to complete as you try to find a single doormat across several neighborhoods, here is a thread for listing treat doormat houses in Arkenstone housing districts:

    1. 4 Twinfall Path, Lond Arod, Falathorn (Mad Baggins' Gold)
    2. 1 Waterbank Road, Amon Gonui, Falathorn (Liquorice Twists)
    3. 2 Waterbank Road, Amon Gonui, Falathorn (Mad Baggins' Gold)
    4. 2 Broadford Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Apple Goblins)
    5. 8 Chestnut Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Mint Turtles)
    6. 9 Chestnut Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Honey-Bears)
    7. 4 Garden Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Jam Tarts)
    8. 3 Garden Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Ent-bark)
    9. 1 Fountain Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Marshmallows)
    10. 2 Fountain Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Liquorice Twists)
    11. 3 Fountain Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Mad Baggins' Gold)
    12. 4 Fountain Street, Uxcrest, Bree-land (Apple Goblins)

    (will edit location list as thread is added to... very honorable mention to Rosewyne for the idea!)

    P.S. Also of note, the quest doesn't mention this, but you need six DIFFERENT kinds of treats to qualify, six Mad Baggins' Golds only counts for 1/6 for quest completion, unfortunately.
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    Belfalas | Tarag Mereth | Tol Falthui | Mad Baggins' Gold
    Belfalas | Tarag Mereth | 2 Cliff Road | Liquorice Twists

    I have all of them (Jam Tarts is on another account) but I only have two houses so these are the two that are out, and the others can be swapped in if needed. I also have a spreasheet to collect doormat info for each server, if that's of interest to anyone (if not, I won't bother with it).
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    My doormats

    2 Broadford Street, Grenrill, Bree-land (Honey-Bears)
    3 Cape Road, Milnen, Belfalas (Ent-bark)

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    1 Twinfall Path, Tund Ondren, Falathlorn (Mint Turtles)
    3 Haven Way, Tund Ondren, Falathlorn (Jam Tarts)

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    1 and 2 Windy Lane Nen Gwilith Neighborhood Belfalas homestead
    Honey bears and Jam tarts!
    Feel free to stop by!

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    1 Bay Road, Ronglond, Belfalas Homesteads - (Mad Baggins' Gold)

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    Wink More Treats on Arkenstone

    Found in Dunberth, Bree-land:
    Mad Baggins' Gold at 3 Fountain
    Marshmallows at 4 Chestnut
    Mint Turtles at 6 Chestnut
    Licorice Twists at 9 Chestnut
    Jam Tarts at 3 High Road
    Honey Bears at 2 High Road
    Ent Bark at 1 High Road
    Apple Goblins at 4 Garden

    I have in Bloomhop, The Shire:
    Marshmallows at 1 Pleasant
    Honey Bears at 4 Brookbank (plus an Ingredient Crate, Bee Hives and all the crafting station furniture)
    Mint Turtles at 3 Harrow

    If anyone wants to (re)locate in my neighbourhood in The Shire Homesteads, Bloomhop, I'll buy you a house. There are 2 deluxe and 10 standard houses available. (Yes, I'm serious.) But since it's so easy to just run around the Uxcrest neighbourhood: https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipMBJjkfU0uNAThc_cCfRvsQw5 BMgT1hoD6TnWN3
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    5 Stonemirk Street, Glathflot, Thorin's Hall - Midgewater Marshmallows
    4 Cape Road, Cugumar, Belfalas - Mint Turtles

    4 Wending Way, Ramsborough, Shire - Jam Tarts
    1 Pleasant Street, Ramsborough, Shire - Liquorice Twists
    2 Chalk Road, Ramsborough, Shire - Apple Goblins
    3 Chalk Road, Ramsborough, Shire - Mad Baggins Gold
    4 Myrtle Court, Ramsborough, Shire - Ent-Bark

    It is possible that in the Ramsborough/Shire neighborhood, I might change ingredients around briefly as I have more characters complete the quest. If you see any characters changing doormats around, feel free to join!

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    Shire: 4 Wending Way, Glintbrook; Honey Bears
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    Thank you all!

    Thank you to EVERYONE for this wonderful information!

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    Shire - Oakham - all in a row and very easy to do a loop.

    1 Pleasant - Apple Goblins
    2 Pleasant - Honey Bears
    1 Myrtle - Liquorice Twists
    2 Myrtle - Marshmallows
    3 Myrtle - Jam Tarts
    4 Myrtle - Mint Turtles
    5 Myrtle - Mad Baggins Gold
    6 Myrtle - Ent Bark

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    Shire and Belfalas doormat locations

    Shire, Thatchacre

    3 Brookbank Street (Jam Tarts)
    5 Bay Road (Mad Baggins Gold)

    Belfalas, Celebmith

    2 Bay Road (Mad Baggins Gold)
    4 Bay Road (Marshmallows)
    5 Bay Road (Mint Turtles)
    6 Bay Road (Apple Goblins)

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    Treats or Trickery: Door Mats in Falathlorn Homesteads - Parth Aur Neighborhood

    Treats or Trickery: Door Mats in Falathlorn Homesteads - Parth Aur Neighborhood (Elf Housing)

    Falathlorn Homesteads / Parth Aur Neighborhood

    Happy Trick or Treating!

    2 Twinfall Path - Ent Bark
    2 Waterbank Road - Jam Tarts
    2 Fairwood Lane - Mint Turtles
    3 Fairwood Lane - Liquorice Twist
    4 Fairwood Lane - Mad Baggins Gold
    5 Fairwood Lane - Honey Bears
    6 Fairwood Lane - Midgewater Marshmallows
    7 Fairwood Lane - Apple Goblins
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    Talad Ring (Falathorn - ELF)

    Talad Ring (Falathorn - ELF)

    4 Twinfall Path, Marshmallows
    2 Waterbank Road, Ent-Bark
    3 Waterbank Road, Licorice Twists
    4 Waterbank Road, Apple Goblins
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    Thorin's Gate:

    2 Anvilsong Road, Grimdon: Honey Bears


    2 CLiff Road, Cirbann: Ent Bark
    2 Bay Road, Cirbann: Apple Goblins

    Breeland Estates found randomly in ARROWFLOOD:

    3 Long: Jam Tarts
    4 Garden: Marshmellows
    1 Broadford: Mad Baggin's Gold

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    I just wanted to say thank you for this information and also to everyone who placed doormats for others to use.
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    A few more for the Encore...

    Shire - Sprucebury:
    2 Chalk - Ent Bark
    3 Chalk - Honey Bears
    1 Brookbank - Jam Tarts
    6 Chalk - Apple Gobblins

    Thorin's - Frothol:
    3 Low Street - Mint Turtles
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    Arrow Treats and Trickery Doormats on Arkenstone for 2019

    Time to necro this post! Looks like the Bree-Land Uxcrest neighbourhood still has a full set of Treats and Trickery doormats out in an easily navigated clump. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3HyNaVkQLdNfw3pSA
    The Shire neighbourhood Oakham has a full set along the East wall. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kDD1CZ2U67brzXF6A

    My neighbourhood, Bloomhop, has 6 of the doormats, enough to at least do the daily quest. Across the bridge from the Provisioner & Begonia:
    • 4 Brookbank Street, Honey Bears
    • 3 Brookbank Street, Ent Bark
    • 2 Harrow Road, Mad Baggins' Gold
    • 2 Brookbank Street, Jam Tarts
    • 3 Harrow Road, Mint Turtles
    • 5 Harrow Road, Apple Goblins
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    All candies in Wildbury

    Hello Stoners! Wildbury, Bree Housing has all candies in a simple route!

    There's also Highburg, Ewall, Tegwent, Uxcrest in Bree too. Easy on the sugar though!
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    Shire Neighborhood T or T Doormats

    Drop by for Treats any time!

    Shire Neighborhood: Clodhallow

    5 Chalk Road Jam Tarts
    6 Chalk Road Apple Goblins
    2 Pleasant Ent Bark
    2 Wending Way Liquorice Twists
    3 Wending Way Mint Turtles
    4 Brookbank Street Marshmallows

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    THANK YOU to everyone who put out mats and posted here!



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