Infamy kinship is now recruiting
The Infamy Kinship is Brandywine based kinship that has been around for over 7 years and has been inactive for the last couple years but we are back in the game now. I am the original leader of the kinship. We are rebuilding the kinship from the ground up. We are looking for any and all who would like to join, we are a North American kinship. We are welcoming players that are new to the game or long time veterans. We would love to help anyone who is new to the game learn their way around. We will also be looking for new officers in the kinship, so anyone who can show good leadership skills could become an officer in the kinship and play an active role in shaping this kinship into something amazing again. Also are a very social group of friends, even when we are not doing the same thing in the game we are always in our discord server just hanging out and having a good time. We are also looking for more members to be part of our raid group that will be doing weekly raids.

-We will be running weekly raids and instances
-Helping kin mate with anything they need
-Running classing content
-Kinship lotteries
-Friendly kinship events

If this sounds like a kinship you would be interested in joining please send me a message or mail in game. Character name is Gelderock on the Brandywine server