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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 58

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    I think I am a Hobbit at heart, but Lothlórien is just too beautiful to pass up. I wish I had a flet of my own.

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    I'd most likely be in Belfalas as I'm an ocean nut, but the high country of Rohan would be a close second.
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    So many choices... Probably Lothlórien!

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    Havens of Belfalas are great, but somewhat monotonous - I would love to have a ship and travel along the coast, visiting all kinds of places like Umbar, Gondor, up the Baranduin into Bree-land and Evendim, and then back again, maybe even up the Anduin until at least the Entwash.

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    I think it's a Lake-Town with its crystal clear water and raging waterfall, as well as a sky like cotton candy... but also it's all Middle-Earth, because the eternal wanderer likes the road, the light of the stars and the moon, falling through the shadows of the forest trees and illuminating the path leading towards adventure!

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    If you could visit or live anywhere in LOTRO in Real Life, Where would that be?

    I am a hobbit always, but If were to live/visit, It be in Lothlorien!
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    I would love to live in a lavish hole in the ground in the Shire.

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    The Bird and Baby Inn

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    I would like a hobbit pvp neighbourhood in the coldfells where monster players could raid on occasion and see the full capabilities of my tater patch !
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    I'd probably settle in Bree-town or any of the surrounding villages, myself

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    If you could visit or live anywhere in LOTRO in Real Life, Where would that be?

    I'd live in Bree. It's a convenient hub from which to visit so many other places in Middle-Earth.

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    A place to live? Definitely The Shire.

    Lots of awesome places to visit, but The Shire always feels like home.

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    Caras Galadhon for sure...

    Sergio :-)
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    Bree town of course.

    But why do houses in Bree-land homesteads have such low roofs?

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    If I could visit or live anywhere in LotRO in Real Life, where would that be?

    Dol Amroth is amazing, but I'll stick with my original answer: as soon as I discovered the cemenduril gardens near Calembel in Lamedon, West Gondor (there's an epic quest involving the collection of its flowers), I knew I could happily retire there. It's pretty, and the flowers are featured in the brewing of "healing liquors".

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    I'd love to live in any of the elf settlements (especially Duillond or Rivendell) because they're so peaceful, or Dol Amroth because I'd love to wade in the beautiful fountains

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    It is my dream in real life to have a small house with a lot of land next to a river. Somewhere near Brandywine would be perfect.

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    If I have to choose just one, it would be Imloth Melui <3

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    If you could visit or live anywhere in LOTRO in Real Life, Where would that be?

    ROHAN! I would love to live in Eaworth or Everholt, somewhere near the Entwash.

    I'd love to visit the more spectacular sites like Lothlorien or Moria but maybe not live there. I have this thing about not falling to my death -- I can see why the graceful Elves wouldn't bother installing safety rails, but dwarves? Come on.

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    I would probably live in Buckland, preferably in Brandy Hall.

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    If you could visit or live anywhere in LOTRO in Real Life, Where would that be?

    The Shire, always has pies, second breakfasts and festivals going on.

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    Since I love snow, winter, that sort of thing I'd say Forochel. There's snow everywhere and also the northen lights, they're just so beautiful! Rohan would be the second in my list. Their traditions look so cool imo, makes me want to be one of them.

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    I will live in Celodim, Ered Luin, because it was the first place I stepped in the wonderful world of LOTRO many years ago.
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    So hard! Ummm..... I think I'd live in Buckland...specifically Brandy Hall *SO MANY BOOKS*. It's close enough to the big city of Bree, but still somewhat rural and on the river, so less of a criminal element, plus hop over the bridge and you're back in the Shire.
    I'd love to visit Caras Galadhon, but until they install some escalators, that'd be a "no" for living there. There are other areas I'd like to visit, like Minas Tirith and Dale, but couldn't live there with the crime level just outside the city walls like that. I mean, even after Sauron's defeat, so much gang activity...


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