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Thread: The ARDA band

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    It was great!

    It was a pleasure to play for the second time at this wonderful festival!

    Thanks to the organizers for the invitation!

    Thanks to our musicians, who masterfully performed their parts!

    Video of our performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id-s...q3n5i5w03c010c


    1. "Kipelov" - To Live In Spite Of

    2. "Kipelov" - The Breath of the last Love

    3. "Aria" - Lost Paradise

    4. "Aria" - Careless Angel

    5. "Aria" - The Beast

    6. "Aria" - Will and Reason

    Thanks to the wonderful listeners, the atmosphere of the festival was great!
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    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    The Arda goes into Winter holiday, next our performance will be on a mighty Winterstock! We will perform there in 16 of January)

    Our show is sure to be melodical and metal!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    Arda will play on the 16th of January at Winterstock!

    "Arda" will perform for the 5th time at this wonderful winter festival!

    This wonderful festival will take place from January 14th to 17th at the Frozen Pond of the Thorin's Hall of Landroval!

    "Arda" will play at 10am s/t, we will perform a 55-minute set

    We are planning a traditional winter program with New Year's songs, we will perform classics of rock music and metal.

    Let's enjoy the great atmosphere of Winterstock together!
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    Winterstock starts today in 6hours, at 2pm s/t!

    "Arda" will play on January 16th at 10am s/t!


    We will play the winter program!

    Let's continue to celebrate the New Year!

    It will be melodious!
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    In five hours, at 10am servertime there will be a performance of "Arda" at Winterstock!

    Venue - Frozen Pond of the Thorin's halls, Landroval

    It will be charming!
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    It was great!

    It was nice to play at Winterstock for the 5th time!

    Thanks to all listeners!

    Thanks to the organizers!

    Thanks to our musicians who played their parts perfectly, special thanks to Lady Neppa!

    Thanks to Lady Holly for the great video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqTkPxFo6eE


    1. Jingle Bells and Little fir was born in Forest

    2. Song about the hares, from Soviet movie

    3. Kipelov - Glam Bird

    4. Aria - Angel Dust, lyrics about Rivendell

    5. Iron Maiden - Blood brothers

    6. If there will be no winter, from Soviet cartoon

    7. January blizzard, from Soviet movie

    8. Iron Maiden - That girl

    9. Aria - Phoenix, with Spanish lyrics

    10. Kipelov - Breath of last Love

    11. Eduard Khil - The Icy Ceiling

    12. Queen - Somebody to Love

    Listen to a good music!
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    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval


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