Update 19.0.1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Release Notes for Update 19.0.1, released on Wednesday, October 26th.

News and Notes:


  • The Minstrel's Strike a Chord buff now properly expires.
  • Minstrel's Echoes of Battle Resistance Rating debuff no longer incorrectly increases cry rating.
  • Class-specific evade healing proc essences now have a shorter cooldown.
  • The Champion skill Champion's Duel now applies its proper debuff to enemies.
  • Champion's Bleed from Deep Strikes no longer overwites the Bleed from Rend.
  • The Warden's Open Wound and No Respite debuffs now stack properly.
  • The Minstrel's Inspiring Cries and Calls now have their correct duration.
  • Captain's Time of Need damage now properly effects the skill.
  • Rune-keeper's Prelude to Hope Power Restore now properly effects its pulses.
  • The Warden skill Snap Shot - Ambush now requires its proper gambit builders.
  • The Guardian Force Taunt's name in the Legendary Items panel now matches the name of the legacy replacement scroll.
  • Burglar - Legacies - Classic Legacy "Critical Chain Skills Critical" now correctly enhances Crit Chance on Crit Response Skills.

Cosmetic Items

  • Wardrobe - Items using only newer dyes will now properly display in the wardrobe.
  • Fall Festival Dwarf, Hobbit, and Elf barter vendors now offer their proper dyes.


  • Flora - Drakewort and Bells-o-dale now have a high chance to drop an amber / sapphire phial instead of a guarantee.
  • The Bottled Uruk Effluvia potion now properly removes Guardian Bleeds in PvMP.
  • Items: Endgame Heavy Armour now has appropriate durability values.
  • Skirmish Raids and Helegrod now drop their appropriate items at level 105.


  • Swapped the correct March of the King Map for French and German clients.

Premium Housing

  • NOTE: We have temporarily removed the ability of players to pay upkeep for their Premium Houses while we correct an issue where VIP players were getting erroneous upkeep UI messages. We will correct this issue before players need to pay upkeep on their Premium Houses.
  • Non-Kinship members with permission to access housing storage can once again spend currency on storage space to increase a Kin's maximum capacity.
  • Premium Housing - The doormat hook is no longer floating at 1 Cypress Road.
  • Fixed an issue with the Premium House at 4 Cape Road where curved walls were not taking the look of wall surfaces or colors.
  • You will no longer fall through the stairs outside 5 Cape Road in Belfalas.
  • Kinship Houses will now take their proper surface and color looks.
  • The phantom Belfalas house has been removed from the hills of Ered Luin.
  • You should no longer be unexpectedly booted from your house by the character transfer system. Thus the transfer wizard has been re-enabled.

Quests and other Adventure Areas

  • North Ithilien - The Fellbeast no longer flies through the ground.
  • North Ithilien - Deeds: Warbands - Fixed an issue with quest advancement.
  • Moria - Great Delving - Shaky Foundations - Platform supports should now always spawn and be usable for the quest.


  • The tail on the Steed of the Gloaming Autumn and Tail of the Gloaming Autumn war-steed cosmetic now appear properly at lower graphics settings.
  • The eyes on the Steed of the Gloaming Autumn and Head of the Gloaming Autumn war-steed cosmetic now have the proper color and shape of glow.
  • The Leggings of the Gloaming cosmetic have been updated to eliminate "webbing" between the hooves.


  • The movie for Volume IV, Book 7: The Trap now plays properly for French and German game clients.
  • Stable-Master Collection - Wulf's Cleft Overlook discovery fixed.
  • Encroaching Darkness can no longer be used to kill low-level players.
  • Elf NPCs now run at their correct speed.