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  1. [EVENT] Parade of Lights -- Music+Contests -- Sat, Dec 12 at 5-7pm EST/server

    Please join us for the Parade of Lights
    on Saturday, December 12 from 5:00-7:00pm EST/servertime.

    The event begins with welcoming music at the Prancing Pony stage.

    Beginning at 5:00pm, we will ask everyone to take out their lanterns, sparklers,
    or any other item which generates light. Please bring extras to share if you have them.

    We will gather in a Procession of Light, walking on foot to Bree's south gate.
    From there, we will mount up on our best Yule steeds for a slow, scenic ride
    to Windy Acres Ranch. We will hear some lovely music along the way.

    Once we arrive at the ranch, we will enjoy music by "The Remediators".
    Kiralynn will take registrations for both fashion contests. Send her a /tell to sign up.

    The first contest is a horse show to crown the "Snow Lord or Lady".
    Contestants will try to earn the audience votes by showing off their best white
    or snow-themed outfits and matching steeds. All horses, ponies, goats,
    and war steeds are allowed. First prize is 2,000 Turbine points, second prize is 1,000 TP
    and third prize is 500 TP. The top three contestants will also receive their choice of a prize code.

    After naming our Snow Lords and Ladies, we will move indoors and continue our event.

    The second contest is a "Spirit of Yule" fashion show.
    The audience will vote on the best Yule-themed outfits. The standard Windy Acres
    contest rules apply (see below). First prize is 2,000 Turbine points, second prize is 1,000 TP
    and third prize is 500 TP. The top three contestants will also receive their choice of a prize code.

    Next, we'll hear more music by "The Remediators",
    followed by a number of short Yule tales told by talented storytellers.

    Finally, we will open the stage to anyone who wishes to perform a Yule song or short story.

    Here is the schedule of events:
    4:45pm -- At the Pony stage, music by Old Winyards.
    5:00pm -- Light the lanterns. (Guests equip their sparklers and lanterns.)
    5:05pm -- Begin the journey to the ranch. Walk to the South Bree Gate, ride slowly to the ranch.
    5:25pm -- Arrive at the ranch. Yule music by The Remediators. Fashion contest registration begins.
    5:30pm -- "Snow Lord or Lady" mounted fashion contest in the front yard.
    5:50pm -- Move indoors and begin the "Spirit of Yule" fashion contest.
    6:20pm -- Songs with lyrics by The Remediators.
    6:30pm -- Yule-themed stories by various guests.
    7:00pm -- Open mic for anyone who wants to play music or tell Yule stories.

    Here are the cosmetic contest rules:

    • Contestants must go on stage only when their name is called by the host. If a contestants doesn’t respond promptly, or goes on stage before his name is called, he will be disqualified.
    • Contestants will have approximately 20 seconds on stage. Each contestant should walk (or ride) onto the stage, display their outfit, and then exit on the other side.
    • Each contestant can exhibit only one outfit. During the horse show, any standard or war steed can be used, including goats.
    • Contestants can perform emotes to help show off their outfit.
    • After each contestant has a turn on the stage, the host will call all contestants onto the stage for final judging.
    • Any sort of unsportsmanlike behavior (such as spamming) will result in disqualification and your vote will not count.
    • At the end, each contestant and member of the audience can cast one vote for the winner. You can vote for yourself.

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  2. The Parade of Lights is today! Don't forget to bring your lanterns, sparklers, and jars of fireflies from the Mathom House!
    --= Windy Acres Ranch -- http://SteelAndMagic.com =--

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