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    Speed of the dances

    Hey all,

    I tried to estimate the speed of the dances to make it possible to arrange songs that perfectly fit to certain dance styles, some dances are a bit difficult to estimate, here is my findings (please correct me if you come to other conclusions):

    dance_jig : 140 BPM
    dance_hobbit : 136 BPM
    dance_elf : 113 BPM
    dance_hobbit2 : 90 BPM
    dance_dwarf : 83 BPM
    dance_dwarf2 : 70 BPM
    dance_elf2 : 70 BPM
    dance_man3 : 69 BPM
    dance_man : 66 BPM
    dance_man2 : 64 BPM
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    Interesting and in some way pointless, hehe. But yes, seems like quite a lot pick the wrong dance any given song/tune.

    What would be great, would be having a few more dances and having the beat per minute upped or downed on some of the dances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kvanti View Post
    Interesting and in some way pointless, hehe.
    Kinda right,

    but think about the options for hobbit bands: they could play at 68 (1/2 hobbit_dance), 90 (hobbit_dance2), 136 (hobbit_dance) and 180 BPM (twice of hobbit_dance2) - with those 4 options you can basically play any song at a tempo that fits to one of the hobbit dances.

    Bruzo, Dwarrowdelf Minstrel ~ "A Rock & a Hard Place"



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