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    Roving Threat Master Location List

    With new RTs introduced on Bullroarer, I'm starting a working thread with all Roving Threat locations, similar to what we did with Central Gondor. I'm including the Central Gondor RTs here as well, for completeness.

    Quick Overview:

    1. RTs now appear in Western Gondor, Central Gondor, Forochel, Angmar, and Misty Mountains. In the new zones, there is a RT Quartermaster who both gives the daily quest to kill the RT, and also serves as a barter vendor.
    2. Completing a RT quest gives you 1 or 3 Gift-Giver Brands, which are the RT barter currency. Brands also can drop from the RTs themselves when you kill them.\
    3. As of now, you have to talk to the Quartermaster to get the quest and complete it. No autobestowing or autocompletions.
    4. The new RTs appear to follow the same spawn pattern as the RTs in Central Gondor. Each zone has a number of established spawn areas. At the start of each day, each RT is assigned a particular spawn area for the day. It "paces" in that small area, but doesn't go far. When killed, it respawns in that same area (on Bullroarer, the respawn is currently about 5 mins). Once you know the location for a RT for the day, it will always be there.
    5. Central Gondor RTs are listed by reputation level. Tier 1 requires acquaintance; Tier 2 requires friend; Tier 3 requires ally.
    6. Other RTs do not appear gated by reputation. Instead, I indicate how many Brands you get for completing the quest. The small fellowship RTs give 1 Brand, larger fellowship RTs give 3 Brands.


    Ringlo Vale :
    Tier 1 - Scythe-Jaw (1)
    Tier 2 - Gundash (1)
    Tier 3 - Du-Kalon (1)

    Spider area [71.7S, 52.0 W] (west of Ethring, near warband) - all
    Lakeshore [72.0 S, 48.6W] (south shore of lake with island, eastof lumber camp) - all
    North Glade: [73.7S : 49.2W] (SE of Ethring, east of road, SW of lumber camp) - all
    South Glade: [76.3S, 50.4W] (S of Ethring, east of road, just west of treasure cache) - all
    Dead Cave/Nimrond (very back of the cave, behind the door, where you fought the Dead in the instance) - humanoid only?
    Cliff-Top [72.3S, 48.6W] (promontory between Ethring and lumber camp) - all
    Orc Camp [70.3S, 47.4W] (in the cul-de-sac guarded by two trolls in the center of the camp) - humanoid only?

    Dor en Enril :
    Tier 1 - Anburz (1)
    Tier 2 - Ripper (1)
    Tier 3 - Keterang (1)

    North Woods [77.7S, 50.2W] (NE of Tungobel, west of fork] - all
    Fork [78.3S, 49.0W] (east of Tungobel at fork in road) - all
    Dol Brannor Hillside [79.4S, 48.0W] (the hillside due south of Dol Brannon, east of the fork) - all
    South Beach [81.3S, 47.1W] (beach shore west of Linhir) - all
    Back Beach [81.4S, 48.0W] (the grassy area up the hill to NW of SoBe) - all
    Hill [83.0S, 50.8W] (small hill with rock on top, west of south road) - all
    Lang Boha [83.1S, 49.3W] (open area due south of Lang Boha) - all

    Lebennin :
    Tier 1 - Luruyak (1)
    Tier 2 - Abrakhor (1)
    Tier 3 - Render (1)

    Woods [84.1S, 41.7W] - forest west of Aerthir
    North Wall-East [79.0S, 33.6W] - along NE edge of zone, far NE corner
    North Wall-West [78.5S, 35.5W] - along NE edge of zone, north of Lornost, west corner near river
    Big Island [85.6S, 44.8W] - the big triangular island, on the big dune in the center
    Small Island [84.6S, 43.9W] - the long, thin smaller island just north of Big Island
    North River Bank [80.8S, 40.8W) - SW of Ost Anglebed, SE of Malbarth, along the north side of the river on the bluff between the crossings
    Ethillorn Beach [85.3S, 44.2W] - just east of Ruins of Ethillorn and small triangular beach, in the grassy area along the river

    Skorkaz (1)
    Haldalona (1)
    Amorchant (3)
    Gundlag (3)
    Mota (3)

    Quartermaster - Aelnir (Dol Amroth-west of Library)

    Tathrendelf East Side [62.2S, 55.8W] - east of the corsair camp in Tathrendelf, along the edge of the marsh
    Dinadab West [62.8S, 61.1] - up slope west of Dinadab
    Old Snapper Hill [65.8S, 53.9W] - on hill above Old Snapper spawn area
    Abedec's Watch - Woods [78.7S, 69.0W] - SW of Emyn Ernil entrance, N of Abedec's Watch, in the woods to east of the main road
    Emyn Ernil [77.0S, 68.7W] - in front of Emyn Ernil entrance, on rock outcrop
    Dor Amroth [76.8S, 73.1W] - in field SW of west entrance to Dol Amroth
    Makham Mijann East [71.6S, 61.0W] - east of Makham Mijann, north of river
    Makham Mijann West [71.2S, 64.6W] - west of Makhram Mijann (orc camp), north of the river, midway to Edhellon
    Sardol West [60.1S, 70.9W] - west of Sardol, across the river
    Hill of Erech [60.3S, 64.4W] - SE of Hill of Erech, SE of spawn area for Hemokh, up the slope

    Krevchal (1)
    Musterka (1)
    Gronkerna (3)
    Ukko Surma (3)

    Quartermaster - Ostasant (Suri-Kyla-southeast corner)

    Suri-Kyla East [20.6N, 69.4W] - NE of Suri-Kyla
    South Shore [12.6N, 80.4W] - along southern shore of bay west of Vesi-Peista, at the top of a slope up from the water
    Lonesome Stones N [14.2N, 74.4W]
    Ita-Ma [12.3N, 66.7W] - base of cliff, up ramp from shoreline, east of Pynti-Peldot, SW of Karhu-leiri (on top of the cliff)
    Ita-Ma [5.5N, 74.5W] - along south wall, just west of Leijon-kotin
    Giants/Talvi-muri [ 16.7N, 86.3W] - middle of ice field, just north of the giants in Jotunstath
    Kuru-Leiri [18.8N, 84.5W] - SW of Kuru-Leiri
    Ita-Ma [7.8N, 77.0W] - east of Norsu-leiri
    Ja-Rannit- [17.7N, 67.0W) - east of Suri-Kyla, on slope above worms
    Jansi-ma [8.1N, 76.9W] - snow field west of Janis-leiri (camp along road)
    Pynti-Peldot West [10.5, 73.0)] - along north wall
    Zigilgund [10.8N 79.5W] - NE of Zigil, in the corner

    Ashthrok (1)
    Khruthakh (1)
    Shakatrog (1)
    Ulkharn (3)
    Velnas (3)

    Quartermaster - Cannakh (Aughaire-hut by north entrance)

    Himbar N [11.3N, 27.1W] - in the gap leading to the spider area
    Himbar S [8.8N, 28.7W] - SW part of Himbar, near overlook over IB
    Gorothlad N [3.2N, 24.2W] - near drop-off overlooking Grishbalt; NE of Grishbalt
    Gorothlad SE [0.8N, 20.8W] - east rim of warg pit
    Fasach-arran/Morfil [0.6N, 35.9W] - east of Morfil entrance, along south wall
    Fasach-Falroid [4.8N, 34.7W] - in the Angarim camp just north of the B. Pushdug cave entrance
    Malenhad NE [0.8N, 28.6W] - just NW of the turtle-egg quest location, along west shore of the Duvuinen shallow lake
    Malenhad NW [2.2N, 32.0W] - NW area of swamp
    Duvuinen Island [0.9N, 27.2W] - island in middle of Duvuinen shallow lake, Epilogue: Amardam
    Nan Gurth SW [5.7N, 23.4W] - corner area
    Nan Gurth E [7.1N, 20.1W] - east of BG

    Krabakam (1)
    Hrimdyr (1)
    Grothurs (3)
    Sutmoth (3)

    Quartermaster - Authi (Gloin's Camp-by task board)

    Goblintown/N High Pass lower [21.9S, 4.4E] - cul de sac just north of Vinderhal (drop down)
    Goblintown/N High Pass upper [22.5S, 4.1E - top of the cul de sac (drop down)
    Hrimbarg Corner [23.5S, 7.2E] - just NE of Hrimbarg, in SE corner of No. High Pass
    Hrimbarg Gap [24.4S, 6.2E] - gap just to west of Hrimbarg
    N. High Pass East [22.1S, 7.6E] - east side of NHP, SE of the mammoths, SW of Starkath
    High Crag [25.4S, 0.1E] - just south of "peak" at top of dead end ramp going down, SW of horse
    Giant Halls [31.1S, 3.3E] - north of Greybough End
    Writhenbore/S High Pass [27.9S, 8.2E] - east of "land bridge" bisecting the tarn, on top of bluff overlooking mammoths
    West Bridge/S High Pass [27.9S, 7.2E] - just west of "land bridge", near cul de sac with treasure cache


    These locations are based on BR, and subject to confirmation when they go Live. As before, this is a group effort, so please post locations and mobs as you find them.
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    very helpful thanks

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    Forochel - 14.2N, 74.4W - Ukko Surma

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    Thanks. Updated with above, and added South High Pass as well.

    It appears that these locations are intended to be somewhat off the beaten path, so that an on-level player can do everything in the zone while easily avoiding being flattened.

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    Any indication as to what the brands will be used to barter for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanelthan View Post
    Any indication as to what the brands will be used to barter for?
    Yes. Pittcrew1 has a thread going on the BR server with regard to feedback on the Brand rewards. I haven't mentioned them here because I figured the rewards were more likely to change when the update goes Live.


    From that thread:

    You can trade the Brands in where you get the quests from for all but Central Gondor. In Central Gondor, they are usually located near the Rep Barterers.
    •3 teal 2-socket pocket items, with each class type's primary stat, along with vitality. Each costs 200 Gift Giver's Brands.
    •7 Tapestries for Housing (large wall). Each costs 50 Gift Giver's Brands.
    •The "Pond Frog" cosmetic pet. It costs 30 Gift Giver's Brands.
    •New FA weapon LI's. Each costs 200 Gift Giver's Brands. [note: these are bind on acquire, and have a different cosmetic than current FA LI weapons, but are otherwise identical]
    *There does not seem to be any deed-completion gating any of these rewards.

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    I found Gronkerna and Krevchal at 5.8N 74.5W and 7.8N 77.0W in Forochel.

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    What level are the new baddies in Forochel, Angmar, MM ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marxlne View Post
    What level are the new baddies in Forochel, Angmar, MM ?
    At my knowledge all the roving threats are level 100.

    Sergio :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Olgomil View Post
    At my knowledge all the roving threats are level 100.

    Sergio :-)

    All the ones I've seen are level 100, as well as their adds (one has a wolf pack, and the mammoth has a rider that jumps down mid fight).
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    I just found Amardam in Angmar at 0.8N, 27.4W.
    Looks like you get the quest to kill him after you have done the other 5 first.
    Makes me wonder if we get that in all areas.

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    Added 5 new confirmed locations in West Gondor.

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    We have begun updating the Wiki with information on Roving Threats, much of it based on your postings.
    The Wiki has added the information on the Roving Threat Quartermasters and their rewards -- at least as everything is currently on Bullroarer in 15.2.3 (build 3).
    As with this thread, it is a work in progress.

    Assuming that this new tech is being constructed to avoid the obviously easy "farming setups" --

    Some Questions:

    1- Are all Quests "Dailies" ?
    2- Do RT defeats drop brands more than once per day?
    3- Do RT defeats drop "boxes of spoils" like Warbands?

    4- And this is the biggie we can't answer yet... but you can see the runes in the stone

    * Will there be Deeds and Meta Deeds and wrapper quests yet to be "revealed" associated with the RT "experience" ? (At least in Build 3, these are non-existant, but hinted at.)
    -- much like that of the "Mysterious Relics" of the "In their Absence" structure used to introduce Update 2 "Echos of the Dead."
    The dialog from Cánnakh in Angmar implies that these are all associated with "The Rift."
    (And we all know the story of the The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu -- right?) https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/The_Rift_of_Nûrz_Ghâshu
    The Lore from that area has barely been touched, especially by contemporary players who simply blow-past it enroute to the Level Cap. (It was the end-game back when the Level Cap was 50!)
    All in preparation for Update 16 and the move of the story line "up-river?"

    Hmm... And, just for good measure: in the quest: the Fall of Thaurlach, Gandalf states: "Gandalf says, "Two others of my Order, who have since vanished into the East, aided her in imprisoning the Balrog."

    MoL what are you setting us up for!
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    Valhunt - Dwarf Hunter (71)
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    Easy question. Are these mounted-combat fights, or on-foot ones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilka View Post
    Easy question. Are these mounted-combat fights, or on-foot ones?
    Gondor has Mounted Combat enabled, so those can be done mounted, the eriador ones are on foot as MC isn't enabled there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valamar View Post

    1- Are all Quests "Dailies" ?
    2- Do RT defeats drop brands more than once per day?
    3- Do RT defeats drop "boxes of spoils" like Warbands?
    Good questions:

    1. They appear to be, just like the Central Gondor quests. Someone mentioned above the possibility of a follow-up RT daily quest that you can get after completing the known ones, but I don't have personal knowledge of that.

    2. I have gotten Brands on the first kill (to complete the quest), but not all such kills. That was an earlier build on BR.

    3. I have been present for about 12 RT kills in various zones. None dropped a box of spoils, but I would love to see those added.

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    Follow up.

    Just killed Haldelona in DA, first time in several days. Completed the quest, 5 hour cool down til I get it again, so yes, they are daily.

    Did not get any Brand to drop, so there is no mechanism for a Brand to drop on a mob for your first kill for the day, or on a kill that completes a quest. I have gotten random Brand drops on the first kill that completes a quest, so my working theory is that Brands are random loot drops.

    No box of spoils. I don't think anyone has seen those.

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    Velnas: 2.2N, 32.0W (Western Malenhad)
    Ulkharn: 4.8N 34.7W (Fasach-Falroid)

    Gronkerna: 10.4N, 73.1W

    http://i0.wp.com/www.departmentofstr...ng-threats.jpg has some more locations in angmar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathili View Post
    Velnas: 2.2N, 32.0W (Western Malenhad)
    Ulkharn: 4.8N 34.7W (Fasach-Falroid)

    http://i0.wp.com/www.departmentofstr...ng-threats.jpg has some more locations

    Added to list. Thanks, nice map!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scirocco View Post
    Added to list. Thanks, nice map!
    Added one more location in Forochel to that post

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    Angmar: Western Malenhad- 2.2N 32.0W

    Not in the list in OP. Found Veinas there today.
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    Mota was at 71.4 61.0 on E today

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    Khruthakh - 2.0n, 32.2w

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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    This page shows several possible spawn points


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