We have fixed and exploit which was allowing players to become more powerful than we intended.

We have placed level restrictions on the following reputation items. Players now must be at least the level listed next to the item below in order to gain reputation from the item. We will of course monitor the feedback on the levels of these items and make any needed adjustments.

Gift Mathoms-8
Pilfered Arnorian Coin-20
Stolen Arnorian Heirloom-20
Orc Battle-medallion-30
Orc Campaign-medallion-30
War-master's Lash-30
Tomb-raider's Sash-30
Black Badge-30
Band of Númenór-30
Signet of Rhudaur-35
Goblin-town Tabard-35
Elvish Relic-35
Well-kept Mathom-35
Dourhand Crest-35
First Age Relic-35
Bone Amulet-40
Wicked Dagger-40
War Dispatch-40
Lossoth Spear-head-40
Gauradan Claw-40
Lossoth Luistin-40
Broken Engraving-45
Cracked Etching-45
Green Crystal Lamp Fragment-45
Durin Figurine-45
Uncut Moria-adamant-45
Worn Dwarf Carving-45
Cracked Dwarf Tablet-45
Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment-45
Durin's Emblem-45
Fractured Ruby-45
Dol Amroth - Bank Token-90
Dol Amroth - Docks Token-90
Dol Amroth - Armoury Token-90
Dol Amroth - Great Hall Token-90
Dol Amroth - Library Token-90
Dol Amroth - Mason Token-90
Dol Amroth - Warehouse Token-90
Dol Amroth - Swan-knight Token-90
Ornamental Skull-90
Weathered Gondorian Relic-90
Pristine Wood-carving-90
Coast-raider's Sash-90
Jewel-encrusted Scimitar-90
Unblemished Swan Statue-90
Bone Carving-90
Gold-studded Staff-90
Worn Medallion of Castamir-90