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    Exclamation The Preludes to War: The Northlands [Khuzd Belkur RP Event Series - Event 1.]

    In a dimlit room over a month ago there was a council held by many Dourland Lords. It was to address many issues they've noticed or suffered over the past few years, engaged in a war under their King Skorgrim, whom they've pledged to follow to the end. It has been a losing war, suffering the brunt of misuse by their alliance with Angmar. After sustaining many loses across Eriador they were distressed and while holding steadfast, there wasn't much they could do in terms of military campaigning against The Longbeards or any of the other Clans.
    Despite the Dourhands being made up of mostly Broadbeams and Firebeards, as well as all the other Clans, while not as densely populated therein, they've not managed to seduce many defectors, or at least not as many as they've wanted.
    After three years had past since the lost war in The Blue Mountains, commanded under Dwargrimgar Harrowtin, defeated by unforeseen betrayal, The Dourhands never fully recovered. Following it over the span of those three years, The Dourhands had lost Kheledul, The Grimwater, Orodost, and eventually Sarnur and all other bastions within the lands of Ered Luin, as was called by the Elven Tongue.

    This council suffered much arguing and almost brought to blows before several Lords along with Lord Harrowtin spoke out and demanded their silence and attention. It was there that Lord Harrowtin put out his proposal, a final push against The Blue Mountains, comprised of all available forces. Of course this didn't end in his favor. Almost all the Lords gathered weren't only against the current staus-quo within the Dourhands hierarchy and command, but they were also against Lord Harrowtin. Some agreed and promised aid. The rest returned to their forts, ruins, camps, caves... Wherever they came from.

    However wit was in Lord Harrowtins favor, as his chief concern wasn't Thorins Hall, it wasn't the many Longbeard, Broadbeam, Firebeard Lords that had their forces under Dwalin. It was The Order of Khuzd Belkur, who had managed to garner respect and favor over their many years within The Blue Mountains. However, in the eyes of Lord Harrowtin their commander was a fool, and he managed to minipulate Tharonin. Declaring a vague warning, the Commander of The Orders Armies, who was a veteran of the First War of The Blue Mountain when the Dourhands and their allies almost defeated the Allied Coalition comprised of Elves, Longbeards, and their many friends. Tharonin pulled their forces from within Eriador, including many of the regions that the Dourhand supports of Lord Harrowtin were. It was here that the plan was set in motion.

    The Northlands would be the first to move; The Northern Downs, the fringes of Evendim, as well as the few found within Angmar. The Dourhands were scattered and his supports in comparison to the Whole of the Dourhands, was few, but they'd be enough. He'd make it enough. It was then, at a time where the hidden Dunedain refuge of Esteldin, was thin and busy against the overwhelming Orcish Hoards and the Angmariam, and their Hillmen allies, that The Dourhands would leave their final mark on Othrikar, which now stood alone.

    The Dourhands began to move, several banners of Dourhand Lords Castes and Families moved to gather, and noticing it Othrikar sent out letters to Thorins Hall and the other nearby dwarven bastions for reinforcements. Among them, was The Order of Khuzd Belkur. The sickly Torbane declared that he would combat these Dourhands, and along with other forces from Thorins Hall, though they numbered only a bit larger than a skirmishing party, departed. The Order of Khuzd Belkur also never recovered... Not from the misbegotten misfortune and horrors of Khazad Dum, where they suffered a horrible loss of manpower and friends.

    Who would answer the call? Certainly only those who've any real reason... Dwarves, and Dwarf-Friends, as well as Mercenaries and Bandits. However, perhaps an Elf or two as well, for despite their differences, even an Elf may fear for their refuge and the refugee's found within the Northlands.

    This is a event with some limitations.
    -Participants must be Dwarf-race, Elf-race, or any of the subcatagories below;
    []Mercenary/Bandit, hired on by one side or the other.

    This is based entirely upon the Dourhand vs Longbeard that Turbine made for Lotro, and has been made due to an event series and RP built up from three years ago till now. This story above is within the canon of Khuzd Belkurs own RP. You are not required to adhere to all of the Kins storyline, but understand that discrepancies may occur in the future if referencing the event if there's two sides to the storyline. If you wish to participate you are welcome to as long as you bring a character that is of the requirements above. You are also ALLOWED to bring several NPCS to make up a small reinforcing. They should not be any larger than a personal squad, such as 5-12 NPCs.

    Starting today you can reach Torbane or Dwargrimgar, Olmandis, or any other Khuzd Belkur officers for volunteering for one side or the other and how to get yourself involved via RP.

    The Longbeards: Khuzd Belkur as an overall whole. Torbane/Tornstenn/Zeldi/Tharonin are the Chief key characters for this force.
    The Dourhands: Dwargrimgar(Myself) and Nuraciss.

    The Dourhands are in Khuzd Belkur, and if you are a Dourhand and wish to join the Kinship, you are able to. You'd need to speak with me as it's through RP via Dwargrimgar. If you are any of the 'Free Peoples' dwarves, such as Longbeard, Broadbeam, Firebeard, etc, you can join Khuzd Belkur freely with no issues. Just send myself or any officer a tell and we'll give you details and help you along your way to joining Khuzd Belkur. If you are NOT in Khuzd Belkur, and are a dwarf, and wish to be associated with Khuzd Belkur, you may, although you'll not be a direct member, more of an associate.

    Please send any of us a tell with questions on the event and/or Kinship.

    The event will be Saturday 13th, 2014, at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time/Server Time at Othrikar in the North Downs.

    If you do NOT manage to get any of us somehow, and can't get yourself involved via RP directly, then on the day of the event show up and we'll speak then and get you into the event.

    I highly suggest leveling to at least 20, or higher at your discretion. NPC's that will attack you are average level 25-30.

    This event will involve Combat Roleplay, most likely involving /roll combat if you and your possible opponent doesn't agree to Free Base Emote Combat. Level will not be brought into RP, nor will sparring. There will be NPC vs NPC as you can already infer, and the results will influence the next three events in this Prelude event series, which eventually will heavily impact the next RP series which will be the War in the Blue Mountains it's self.

    I will place links to Maps and other things that are available for visuals and immersion or just RP Eye-Candy, soon. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you/see you ingame/RP with you.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TmZF...E149A1BC57BCA3 (musical accompaniment optional)

    When the thrushes took to the wing and never returned Olmandis was called on to Orthrikar. The old dwarf knew the roads of the surface world, following the paths to the major settlements. He dubbed the main path 'Durin's Hand', as if the Lord's fingers were branching out to touch each great dwarf settlement far from Thorin's Halls.

    The old dwarf knew how to move along the roads unseen and do so safely, if slowly, and the trip to the mining town was simple, though sad. The fires of orc raiders dotted the land, as if mocking the stars in the night sky he traveled under. Goblins flitted about through old ruins, shrouded in shadows, and the farmlands were all but abandoned. Each sight shouted the plight of folks along the Green Way.

    The dwarf joined the sparse throng of travelers who still dared to brave the road heading to Orthrikar. Arriving, he cast off his cloak and disappeared from the throng of traveling merchants and appeared before the overseer of the mine town. He cast off his hood and took to the business at hand. Overseer of Overseers, the 'Old Man' still commanded a bit of respect, despite the years.

    Thrushes were lost before relaying messages from their talons, mining parties were injured in dead-falls and pits, and movement at the hilltops, too large to be a lynx , were all signs. When the old dwarf found the crushed thrush out in the wilds, he knew the falcons were on the wing. The Dourhands were amassing. He returned to Bree that evening.

    Back in the trade hub, the old trade-lord paced upon his return to town most relentlessly. He paced a rut into the floor of his office that rivaled Moria in how well it delved into the depths then moved to the Pony, smoking vigorously and generally being a black cloud that rained on the good spirits of all who greeted him. A most gregarious dwarf, clearly troubled.

    Quietly, through the trade channels, he spread the word: Orthrikar was facing threat. The roads were thus facing threats renewed. Overtime the rumors spread and like a rock's ripples through a pond, the effect the words would have would moving outward. A great show of force would only alert the enemy. That enemy has time on their side, and they were patient. No doubt, they were desperate. This affirmed they were dangerous.

    There was one avenue beyond war. The Lord Harrowtin frequented Bree. He was, at the least, a voice among his folk. Olmandis gambled, hoping a forum would allow the Dourhands to gain footing in some way other than war, to air their grievances and gain a place for themselves without joining the enemy. This would denote, for good and all, to whose banner the Dourhands would follow.

    Failing that, it was to be bloody battle. The Dourhands, disrupting the mining of Orthrikar, disrupting communication, disrupting trade, would reverberate through the Northdowns. The Dourhands would be desperate, entrenched and prepared. This was going to be dour indeed.

    Possible event: Dourhands' Doubt; an open forum in neutral Bree's Dwarven district (ic, we'll fine a suitable rp grounds to represent her) to discuss the plight of the Dourhands and possibly avert what may prove to be a great last stand and a bloody showing. This event will highlight politics, as a whole. Mercs, sell swords and neer'do wells would be wise to flock to the event to possible see which side may be inclined to buy them. Those who frequent Bree and know of the plight of the North Downs may be so inclined to attend to see if an accord may be struck with the Dourhands to avert war. (I was hoping Dwar himself would show up to this event, but his schedule is sporadic. This is just a quick event to highlight the Dourhand's plight, which Dwar has worked hard to make come alive. All are welcome to the forum, though it you're not the political type, you may be bored stiffer than the clan with the beards of the same name)

    *This event is based on public interest and it's time and onset based on who the heck is online thursday night and has nothing to do*
    topics: Dourhand's doubt: public debate and forum about the Dourhand's plight and seeking to avert war. RP themes: politics, trade, racial relations. expect a whooole lot of talking.

    Friday: tenuous start time 7:30, 8 pm Eastern time. Olmandis will seek greet those who heeded the call to assist the Longbeards in their fight against the Dourhands, and to help Orthrikar and thus, the north down.
    This event will be meant to both rp out the tactical concerns of facing the Dourhands, having the free peoples meet and parley with one another, and will be related to both tactical plans as well as just a general 'get to know shield brother' event designed to bolster morale and meet the key players who will be involved in Saturday's scene. This event will take place, ic, in Orthrikar in the towns 'Hall of Deep Delving' (player created)

    run down: time 7:30-8pm eastern time. where: OOC Thorin's Hall ale house (the door just to the left of the main Thorin's hall entrance when you're moving into the Halls) IC location; Othrikar, the Halls of Deep Delving (player created dwarf hall below the hills of Othrikar.) Topics: An optional meet and greet for people participating in Saturday's main event that will center on battle tactics and getting to know your fellow participants IC. There will be additional rp prompts to 'set the mood' and Olmandis and any other dwarves who frequent Orthrikar may be you hosts.

    Feel free to contact Olmandis in game for additional info and questions and hope to see you there. Special thanks to Saelwingel for her suggestion of holding a meet and greet ic.
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