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    Tarlang's Crown: Steward of the Dead - Where is this guy?

    Hi everyone! We were trying to find the leader of the dead in the Steward of the Dead quest in Tarlang's Crown last night with no luck in finding him. We believed he was in the tent in the center of the encampment but when we went in and killed everyone, the leader didn't spawn. Is there a trick to get him to spawn?

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    You have to kill lots of undead in the area to get him to spawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scirocco View Post
    You have to kill lots of undead in the area to get him to spawn.
    Yes, that's what the quest text says but what is considered "lots" and how big of an "area" are they talking about? Have you completed this quest and if so, do you remember the mechanics of it? I remember there are three encampments around the tent containing undead. Do these undead count as well? Do we have to draw them into the center of the tent? What about the sorcerer in the area that spawns undead? Does he play a part in this as well? Or is the Undead leader just on a respawn timer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    We killed the 2 undead at the camp south of the big tent. A kinnie said we killed about 8 total before we noticed a new dot on the minimap, but as there were only 3 of us we couldn't kill that group fast enough to get out of combat. We ran the group off till we lost aggro but when we returned the boss had despawned.

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    We were fighting inbetween the two gates there, taking out the mobs at the gate, the patrols and the mobs in the smaller camps at the side. We were working on our second camp when we notoced that the boss, Nerzus if I remember correctly, had spawned. He's standing at the entrance of the big tent. I don't know however if the "area" is larger and maybe others were fighing in the "area" as well - nor can I remember how many undead we killed. I'd suggest to make some pulls and keep doing that until he shows up.
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