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    Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    To celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19) I'm posting here the story of
    a dwarf stranded on a pirate island. I posted this story months ago on my kin website
    but now sharing it here to celebrate the event. Enjoy!


    Another hard mode run in Samath Gul and still no Symbol of Celebrimbor for me. Sigh.
    On my way home i stopped by at the auction house. Only junk Guardian LIs that night
    so I browsed the outfit section and to my surprise found a nice Corsair hat with eyepatch.
    A perfect match for my Corsair tunic! Only 2 gold so I clicked Buyout button right away.
    There was an eerie feeling and had some goosebumps when I took the Corsair hat from my
    mailbox but I just shrugged it off.

    I tried them on as soon as I got home and voila! I'm now Markbjorn The Pirate!
    "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!" No rum here to celebrate, so I just used the Moria
    keg i got from the Spring festival and gulped down the slimy ale.
    "Better not end up on that silly pointy rock in Foundation of Stone again" I said
    to myself before I fell.

    It seemed like hours had passed before I woke up and found myself in an unfamiliar dungeon.
    "Nice! The devs must have created a new secret place in Moria" The cell was locked but
    when I approached the door a message appeared on screen "Kick to open door" so i stamped
    the door repeatedly until it broke. Five second stamp cooldown ftw!

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    I had to fight some soldiers before I can reach the main gate. I have never seen any soldier
    like them before. They are human so maybe an unknown faction from Angmar who tried to install
    a new base in Moria. I must warn Bosi about this. I inspected the uniform of the dead soldiers
    and found a strange emblem with the word EITC - East India Trading Company. East India?
    Where in Middle Earth is that? Hey maybe I glitched into a new section for the upcoming expansion.
    Great! I must explore this area.

    Outside the gate was a long stretch of sandy beach with swaying palm trees in the distance.
    There was also a pier and a small town not far from the jail so I walked there to find out
    more about this place. The folks in the town seemed a bit unfriendly and some of them looked
    like.. pirates! I entered the town's only tavern and found more pirate looking person inside.
    Some are sitting around a table playing cards. I looked closely and saw that they were playing
    Seven Stud Poker! I know I'm good at this game so I joined the table right away. After about
    an hour I finally won thousands of gold! Should be enough to buy dozens of Symbol of Celebrimbor
    from auction house back home.

    A weird looking pirate approached and dragged me to the bar. He introduced himself as Jack
    and after a few exchanges he offered me a quest to steal a pirate ship which is held by
    the EITC. I wondered why he didn't have ring above his head. I accepted his offer and he
    told me to visit some of his friends first to get more info and also to gather some crew
    for the final assault to the EITC secret base. A raid! I wish I could inform my kinnies
    but I don't seem to have kin chat in here. Too bad.
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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    First I had to visit the governor's daughter. She told me that we must intercept one
    of the EITC ships to get the map to their secret base. She handed me schedule of
    EITC ships that will go there. Next I had to visit Barbossa a pirate captain who was once
    Jack's rival in a secret cave, and asked him to lend his crew for this quest. After
    negotiating for the price and a brief lesson of pirate's code he agreed to help us.

    I met Barbossa's crew at the other end of the cave and after some briefing we were ready
    to start the quest. Barbossa also lend me his ship and explained how to control the ship,
    fire broadsides, adjust speed, etc. It was a three mast galleon, perfect for plundering
    as it has large cargo but not suitable for offensive mission like this. But oh well no
    arguing with Barbossa so we just haul anchor and started the hunt for EITC ships.

    Soon we spotted a EITC small frigate, an easy prey so it didn't took long for us to cripple
    her. I quickly grabbed a cannon to take down all her masts and then shot graple hook so we
    can board her.

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    We fought a few remaining soldiers on board and got the map to the secret base in
    the captain's room. The secret base turned out to be in a hidden lagoon of a small
    island to the southeast. The map also showed a secret entrance to the base through
    a cave on that island. We sailed at night and landed on the island before dawn.

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    We had to fight many trash mobs in the cave. No loremaster here to crowd control
    so we just tank and spank them. They are all grey anyway so no big deal. We finally
    reached the hidden lagoon in the morning and found the Black Pearl docked at a pier.
    This time we faced a different kind of enemy, they are the undeads who guarded the
    Black Pearl. We fought them on the deck and soon took control of the Black Pearl.

    It's not over yet. Soldiers in the forts fired their cannons at us as we tried to traverse the
    tight channel to the open sea. We used broadsides and all cannons to take them down one by
    one until we reached the big boss which is the behemoth war frigate at the entrance to the lagoon.
    Although her broadsides are deadly she is so big and slow we could easily outmaneuvered her and
    pounded her stern with cannonballs. The Black Pearl was saved and we returned to Jack's island.
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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    I met Jack in the tavern and as a sign of gratitude Jack handed me his magical compass.
    "This compass does not point north." he said
    "Where does it point?" I asked
    "It points to the thing you want most in this world." Jack answered.
    I was intrigued so I held the compass and started to follow its direction.

    I swam for miles until i reached a small island and not far from the shore the
    compass' needle started to rotate wildly. The thing that I searched must be
    under my feet. I started digging and soon found an old chest beneath the ground.

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    I smashed the lock with my mace and as I opened the chest my heart began to
    thump violently. What is it that I want most? Could it be..?
    My hand reached to the bottom of the chest and I couldn't believe my eyes
    as I grabbed an ancient relic.

    I held it high in the air and shouted "Eat your heart out, Gorothul!!"
    Then suddenly everything seemed to spin around and looked blurry.

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    "Oooh my head..."
    I slowly regained conciousness but my head hurt so much.
    "Where am I? Oh nooo it's only a dream.."
    "The symbol, the compass, all my gold, they are gone"
    "It must be this Corsair hat which gave me that weird dream."
    "Oh well anyway it was a fun advemture and i'm happy to be back now."

    Home Sweet Home Moria

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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    AWESOME! Nice job, fun story. Kudos!
    Narlinde ~ Minstrel, Singer of the Lament of Windfola

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    Exclamation Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    Hahaha, ROFL!

    Well done mate, well done!

    Having played/tested for both games, Lotro and PotC, I recognized the graphics and everything, you merged the game pictures so flawlessly. And the story, wonderfulness!

    For a dorf.
    Definitely toss you some rep, that was really nifty!

    PS: (edit) My favorite part of PotCO was (along with the character customization) the sea battles. Taking on the big frigs solo with nothing but a sloop.)
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    Re: Curse Of The Corsair Hat

    Quote Originally Posted by Griffy View Post
    Definitely toss you some rep, that was really nifty!
    PS: (edit) My favorite part of PotCO was (along with the character customization) the sea battles. Taking on the big frigs solo with nothing but a sloop.)
    Thanks, mate!
    My favorite was also the sea battles, especially the cannons.
    If there is one thing LOTRO should copy from PoTCO i believe it's the Layering.
    In PoTCO players can select any layer they want. If looking for group they can
    go to the crowded layer (called Ocean in PoTCO) and if they want to grind/solo
    they can go to less populated layer.
    To prevent jumping between layers to farm nodes or mobs, LOTRO can set
    a 10 or 15 minute cooldown before player can jump to another layer.



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