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  • Angmar

    45 34.35%
  • Bree-land

    2 1.53%
  • Dunland

    4 3.05%
  • Ered Luin

    7 5.34%
  • Eregion

    4 3.05%
  • Enedwaith

    6 4.58%
  • Evendim

    8 6.11%
  • Forochel

    16 12.21%
  • The Lone-lands

    4 3.05%
  • The Misty Mountains

    2 1.53%
  • The North Downs

    1 0.76%
  • The Shire

    30 22.90%
  • The Trollshaws

    2 1.53%
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    Vote on the next World Design LOTROStream Destination!

    Hello all! A few weeks ago, I took you all through a preview tour of the upcoming Wildwood area of Bree-land. The stream was great - a casual Q&A and commentary track on things ranging from the Wildwood itself to the inception of World Design in LOTRO. I'm excited to say that I am gearing up for another stroll with Middle-earth with you all next week but before I do that, I'd like your help in deciding which region we'll walk through.

    Above this post is a poll. Please take a moment to vote on the region we'll be walking through!

    What is this stream?
    It's a leisurely behind-the-scenes stroll through a section of Middle-earth wherein I'll talk about the area we are in, the design process behind it (and in general), and muse about what it takes to make landscape. Like the last stream, this is a World-design focused stream. I won't be answering questions related to topics outside of my area of influence.

    Where is this stream?
    LOTROStream on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/lotrostream)

    When is this stream?
    As of writing this, we don't a specific time set yet outside of next week. Expect announcements soon!

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    Excellent news!

    Have a great weekend, Scenario!

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    Sounds great, i look forward to this! the last stream on wildwood was very good.
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to give us a peek under the hood!

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    It was a great stream and I enjoyed it very much! I am happy that we will se another one! Great and thank you very much!

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    Seeing as most people are going for Angmar, I have a question about the Rift, what makes the exterior of it feel so far and distant? It's one of those few places in the game that feels so disconnected from the rest of the zone or game world, I can think of a few others, The ship in Forochel, that massive tree of life area in Dunland. But the Rift always felt like this 'final boss' area, after you run the gauntlet of elites to get there it gives this impression that so out of the way of everything.
    Also I hope we can quickly talk about the Carn Dum instances and some behind the scenes about that. They rank up there in terms of some of my favorite instances in game
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    I have voted for Forochel, but since Angmar is going to win its even a great choice.

    Thank you for doing such streams, this is simply awesome and i'm looking forward to the stream.

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    It MUST be Forochel - the Ironspan MUST be discussed in detail! However...Angmar is very cool too. Maybe it touches the Ironspan as well??? ????

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    Since it looks like Angmar will win (I voted for the Shire) could you and into the Walk Through if there were any design considerations of if the zone would change (like Hybold) after a player has reached a certain stage in the epic quests or anything? AND would that be a way to reuse some great zones a second time?
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    Angmar is LOTRO history

    While I like the idea of discussing Forochel, The Ironspan is relevant to Angmar, also. It would be nice to see that completed so that players could travel directly between the two areas.

    Angmar is an ideal subject for getting into the lore of "the Elder Days" of LOTRO. It used to be the end-game, but is now so obscure that many people never do the content. The design, with the literal tunnels separating it from the rest of the game world, has always puzzled me. But a few years back I heard that there was a plan to have it 'closed off' with Creep-proof barriers and then turned into a PvP area for special events. Which makes the gated setup make sense! I have seen the locked off pathways in the currently used Creep strongholds in the Moors. Definitely something to discuss with a developer!

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    And we have the winner! I'll see you all in Angmar tomorrow!

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    Amazing, I think that's what I voted for.
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    Stream time: 3 PM ET

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    Minhiriath isn't on the list?

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    Is there a place to find a transcript of these streams?
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    This was a good one.

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    Thank you a lot! It was very interresting.

    Just one thing, could you please make an anouncement post about the upcoming stream next time? I did not know about the exact steam time and had to watch the record after:/

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    Here's the video:

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    I really enjoyed both of the "Casual Strolls" that Scenario has done so far. And I'm looking forward to watching more of these.

    Something that I think would be really, really interesting would be a session where he showed us a space's creation from start to finish.
    What does it look like when it's nothing but geometric "walls"?
    Then what goes into it first, second...etc.

    The rocks, trees, frill, buildings, water...all the "stuff".

    Maybe he can make a little park and record the process from start to finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Here's the video:

    It was amazing, please let us have more of these great streams! Thumps up!!!

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    I just watched the stream for the third time and I have a few comments...

    1. The rocket-backpack Acorn is really cool.
    2. I really am curious about some of those nuggets you dropped about the revamp of Angmar and I will be visiting the area to scope them out.
    3. The bit about the "death-water" was funny. I died there way too many times...grin.
    4. Your explanation about the Lore-needs VS gaming-needs was good. I figured as much and it's good to have my suspicions verified.
    5. I appreciate the respect you show to the "Lore" people. It seemed as if you truly understand.
    6. I don't have anything for #6. This was just a test to see if anyone is reading this.


    PS: I think the "muddy" presentation was just right. If you spend too much time preparing it will seem like a "production". We don't want that. (Well, I don't want that.)

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    Tower hills maybe?
    Forochel without a doubt.



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