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    Update 24.1.2 Release Notes

    Here are the Release Notes for Update 24.1.2, released on Wednesday, June 26th.

    News and Notes:

    Quests and Adventure Areas

    • Players should now receive advancement credit for the Seasonal: The Coins of The Rift quest while defeated.


    • The Singing Bowl of Tauralindalë housing decoration item now requires appropriate housing permissions to use and can be placed in a small yard hook in addition to a small interior furniture hook.
    • The Bowl of Raspberries housing decoration item can now be placed in a small yard hook in addition to a small interior furniture hook.
    • Housing music boxes with Vales of Anduin music can now be acquired from the Wildfolk Rewards Quartermaster, listed in the 'Protectors of the Vale - Acquaintance' category.
    • Adventurer's and Traveller's lootboxes have new cosmetic items including Wild Hills cosmetics, Badger House and Carved Bear Bust housing items, new bee and wasp cosmetic pets, and a new Steed of the Wild Hills. These items are also available for Figments of Splendour from Rowan Raspberry.
    • Summer Steed icon has been corrected.
    • Corrected descriptions on Sealed Greater Vales Settings and Sealed Grand Vales Gems which incorrectly stated slotting was restricted to weapon or class items.
    • Some crafted relics for the Supreme tier have had their stats adjusted to be more comparable to non-crafted relics.


    • Filbert Fig and Curator have returned home for the season.

    Known Issue:

    • Some 64bit client users may experience a detached camera that no longer follows them. If this should occur, you can use '0' on the number pad to re-attach your camera.
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