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    Update 13 Preliminary Release Notes – BULLROARER ONLY

    The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
    These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.

    Of Special Note

    Epic Book 14

    The conclusion of Volume three is here! Please note, you will need to complete Book 13 before you can begin Book 14.

    New areas to explore

    • The Entwood
    • Flooded Isengard

    Inventory has received a facelift!

    • Bags can now be resized by dragging the resize bar on the right-hand side left or right.
    • There is now an "Edit Mode" feature that allows you to drag/drop inventory space from one bag to another in pre-determined chunks of space. This can be toggled on or off via the new "Edit Mode" button on the bags. To leave "Edit Mode" and return to normal bag usage, you must press the edit mode button again or hit the escape key.
    • Bag 1 now has a special toolbar for purchasing more inventory space, searching for items, and turning on "Edit Mode."
    • Going forward, when purchasing additional inventory space the space will be added to bag 1.
    • Bag 1 cannot be emptied out completely due to the special toolbar located in it but all other bags can have all inventory space moved out of them. This will cause them to not display except when you are in edit mode. Effectively, this will allow you to put all of your inventory into a single bag if you so choose.Mail Revamp

    Region Revamps
    The following regions have revised and adjusted

    • Misty Mountains and Goblin Town
    • The North Downs
    • The Trollshaws

    Moors level scaling and free player access

    • F2P and Premium players may now take their Freeps to the Ettenmoors by purchasing a temporary moors pass from the stable master using Mithril Coins.
    • The Free Peoples may now enter the Ettenmoors at level 20 and have their characters scaled up to level cap.

    Resource Instances
    New level 95 resource instances have been added.

    Mail Update

    • In-game mail sent to you by players on your ignore list will now be returned to sender, along with any attached money or items.
    • You may now attach up to 10 items or stacks of items to your mail.
    • VIP players may now open their mail directly from the notification icon wherever they are on the landscape.
    • Certain items purchased in the LOTRO Store may now be emailed to others for a small Mithril Coin fee.

    Player Avatars (character models) adjustments.
    These adjustments can be seen best by comparing a live character to its copied version on Bullroarer. In character creation, these adjustments will change the results of moving the adjustment sliders – ratios of shoulders to waist and general model bulkiness – will be visible. You may also notice changes in the locomotion of your characters.

    Release Notes


    • As part of some balance changes, we have slightly modified the contributions of Primary stats to mastery and avoidance ratings for all classes.
    • Hobbit Presents will now give Random Relic Packs, Relic Bundles, and Premium Relic Packs instead of Sealed Relics.
    • Lalia now has a greeting string when you have more than one interaction available with her.
    • Addressed a number of typos and floating objects in Bree-land and Isengard.



    • The Lucky Strike and A Small Snag Damage legacies now mention the upgraded versions of the skills
    • Improved Addle is now bestowed at level 48, down from 83.
    • The Burglar's Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier legacy replacement scroll properly spells 'chain' now.
    • The power cost of most skills has been adjusted.
    • Remote quest completion no longer breaks a burglar out of stealth.
    • The High Roller trait will now correctly increase the damage done by: Lucky Strike, Gambler's Strike, Hedge Your Bet, Blind Bet, Gambler's Advantage, Cash Out.
    • Changed a number of the Burglar class items to reduce the power cost of melee skills instead of Tricks so they benefit all specializations


    • Grave Wound is now learned at level 30, down from level 42.
    • All armor sets which reset Oathbreaker's Shame now have a chance to reset Oathbreaker's Shame, with a cooldown built into how often it can occur.
    • Power costs have been adjusted for the majority of Captain Skills.
    • The Minstrel's ""Call to Greatness"" should properly trigger defeat events and bring up the auto-skill bar.


    • All of Brutal Strike's swings now benefit from the Fervour trait.
    • Exalted Combatant now displays an effect icon on the character. The icon will tell players how much time remains until Exalted Combatant can trigger again. The tooltip for the Exalted Combatant trait has been updated.
    • Devastation now references Devastating Strike, not Devastating Blow
    • Blade of Courage's tooltip reflects how it can restore health on skill use, not on each target hit by a skill.
    • The increased damage boost per Fervour pip from various set bonuses should now impact all Champion attacks.
    • The Stalwart Champion effect now stacks with Battle Frenzy.
    • Swift Blade should now properly be labeled as a Blade skill and proc effects that are Blade based should be activated by it.
    • Bracing Against Defeat should now be typo free and properly make Bracing Attack generate fervour instead of costing fervour.


    • Modified the effect for Guardian's Ward when traited with Tireless Defender. The Tireless Defender buff can now be reapplied before it expires.
    • Made changes to allow the buff: Blind Rage to refresh rather than having to wait for it to expire


    • Fixed a bug that was preventing Hunters from tracking stealthing enemies.
    • Tripwire no longer has an identity crisis when you have the Master Trapper set bonus.
    • Travel to Aldburg and Travel to Helm's Deep now advertise the correct locations.
    • Pinning Shot should no longer trigger an auto-attack and disable auto-attacks for those hunters who wish to not break their Crowd control on a target.
    • Explosive Arrow's fire hit FX should no longer play on the hunter.
    • Master Trapper's Debuffs for Triple Trap and Deadly Decoy have been renamed and assigned new icons to avoid confusion with Archer's Mark.
    • Explosive Arrow was only affected one target instead of multiple targets. It should now affect any target within the area defined by the ground Targeting Decal.
    • Resolved issue that was making the following skills while specced huntsman not useable while moving: Barbed Arrow, Rain of Arrows, and Split Shot.


    • Fixed a bug where a weaker version of Fire Lore's debuff was always overriding the stronger version.
    • ""Tactical Mastery"" is now ""Tactical Damage"", and increases Tactical Damage by 2% / Rank.
    • ""Ring of Fire"" has been significantly buffed.


    • Armor Set Bonuses - The two-piece bonus from the "Hytbold Skald" set and the four-piece bonus from the "Dunlammad" set will no longer stack.
    • Armour Sets - Armour of the Glirberion 2-piece bonus should now properly enhance the Morale shield from Gift of the Hammerhand. Note that the healing value will also be slightly different.


    • Scribe a New Ending's power cost now scales based on player level
    • Frost Armor can be reapplied if the effect is currently active.
    • The Erebor Cleanser set increases the number of pulses for Distracting Flame's DoT.
    • Sustenance's heal on Sustaining Bolt now increases in potency based on Battle Attunement.
    • The Writ of Health applied via Rousing Words should now be the proper effect that tiers down upon expiration.
    • The Rune-keeper channeling skills ""Rousing Words"" and ""Smouldering Wrath"" are now able to deliver critical healing or damage.
    • Fixed Fixation of Health so that it will reapply on tier 3 rather than the user having to wait for it to fall off and reapply
    • Some discrepancies between effect and skill icons have been rectified


    • Power Attack, Mighty Blow, and Unerring Strike Bleeds now deal more damage
    • Vicious Offence versions of Power Attack, Mighty Blow, and Unerring Strike will now inherit weapon damage
    • Goad max targets increased from 3-->5
    • Brink of Victory is now an AoE skill which affects up to 10 targets
    • Surety of Death is now an AoE skill, affecting up to 6 targets
    • Desolation now affects up to 5 targets
    • War-cry, Brink of Victory, Surety of Death, and Desolation have had their damage values re-balanced, with each Gambit dealing more damage than that last in sequence.
    • The Eastemnet Heart of the Spear Carving should now reduce Power costs of Spear Masteries

    Mounted Combat

    • Procs from equipment or other sources no longer trigger when participating in Mounted Combat.
    • Fixed issues causing player weapons to not always display in combat while riding a warsteed.
    • The level 90/95 Mounted Combat runics have received a small boost.


    • Orc-craft and Fell-wrought damage should now properly pass through Physical Mitigations. Hovering over the stat in your character panel will display the amount at which is mitigated.
    • Additional mitigation given from audacity has been removed because of this change.
    • Fixed issue where Virulent Poison's Damage over Time effect was not being increased by the Weaver's Venom Pips.
    • Creep's core virtue stat amounts (base stats) were significantly upgraded. This is to bring them more in line with their freep equivalents.
    • New armour is now available for level scaled Free people at the cost of Commendations.
      • This armour is available in bands of ten levels from level 20 to level 80. This armour will not be affected by any sort of offset throughout its level band. For example, level 20 gear will remain level item level 176 until the player hits level 30.

    • Reaver's Enhanced Skill: Resilience was not properly applying immunity after using the skill. This should be fixed now.
    • Fixed issue with the effects of Charge not applying to the Reaver until the animation was completed.
    • Fixed issue with the Warg where equipping the trait Enhanced Skill: Rallying Howl where the outgoing damage buff wasw not stacking and instead was applying the wrong effects to the warg.
    • Drink Deep' heal should now be affected by Out-going Healing and Tactical Mastery. Added a slight variance to it so it’s not the same heal every time.
    • Glan Vraig Reward Chests should now respawn more frequently after being opened.

    Epic Battles

    • Fixed typos on some of the text related to the multi-user interface on catapults.
    • With the change to how Orc-craft and Fell-wrought damage is now mitigated by players via itemization, the Arrow volley and Catapults in Big Battles now do increased damage. You can check your current mitigation amount towards these damage types by opening your character panel, clicking Show All Stats, and then reveal the tool-tip info for Damage Type Physical under the Mitigations. The Engineer traits that increase your mitigation towards Orc-craft and Fell-wrought have not been changed.
    • The first 3 tiers of the Repair Contribution Trait for Engineers has been increased to make it more potent.
    • The Elf, Hobbit, and Dwarf Vanguards will now produce sounds when using their Big Battle skills.
    • Officer Rank 5 has changed slightly, removing the 1% Build Contribution bonus and replacing it with a -5s to the banner cooldown time. This will allow Officers to immediately deploy a new banner when the old one has expired (when the Banner Cooldown trait is fully ranked up).
    • The Officer trait Haste Order Strength has been fixed allowing Attack Duration to be correctly applied to soldiers.
    • Added requirement information to the Fire button on the catapult and ballista.

    • Interactives: actions now respect your Move To Use setting (Options -> UI Settings -> Move To Use).
    • Interactives: contributing to mutually-exclusive actions should be a bit more user-friendly. For example, while aiming a Medium Catapult, you are free to select Aim Left without first canceling an in-progress Aim Right, as long as no other player has joined your Aim Right.

    Helm's Dike - Solo - Flames at the Gate

    • Added arrow buckets next to each archer that have the Load multi-usage action on them. Players can load multiple arrows into the buckets, and as long as a bucket has at least one arrow in it, the archer will reload from the bucket. If the archer runs out of arrows in the bucket, he will wait until new arrows are loaded into the bucket.
    • Added a Rohirrim Worker behind the gate on the ground level. Once the War Machine set the gate on fire, the worker will patrol to the river with a bucket, get water, and return to the gate to douse the flames. The Rohirrim Worker can be given the Haste order to speed up his progress.
    • Point conditions have been modified on the gate to be slightly less severe.
    • Point conditions have been added to Rohirrim Archers being defeated
    • Point conditions have been added to the Rohirrim Worker being defeated

    Deeping Wall - Solo/Raid

    • Gamling should no longer be holding a sword while using his bow
    • Moved a few Supply Crates and Healing Stores to more player-friendly locations

    Glittering Caves - Solo

    • Cave In - Timing of Gimli causing the cave in and the quest failing should be more in sync


    • The Housing Foreclosure grace period has been reduced to 30 days. Once lapsed, the amount of time until a house is foreclosed on has been reduced to 90 days.
    • We recently spoke with the Free Peoples Housing Authority (FPHA) and have re-negotiated fairer storage fees for additional storage with all housing in Middle-earth. Addtional housing storage now costs less gold!
    • Saruman's Orrery housing item has been shrunk again


    • Kinships are no longer automatically disbanded for not having enough members.


    • Spring Festival - The quest ""A Fistful of Flowers"" can no longer be cancelled.
    • Anniversary Festival - Existing Gift Box tokens will be converted to 30 Marks each. This year will see a simplified gift box system that only uses the new steel token!

    Quest Guide

    • When a quest requires you to complete a remote bestow quest, Quest Guide should now correctly point you to the area where that quest will be bestowed.


    • Added a new ""Disable item inscription"" checkbox to the crafting panel. Check this option to suppress the item inscription dialog while crafting items (you will not have the opportunity to inscribe your items).
    • The cooldown on the crafted champion horns has been lowered to 3 minutes.
    • Partridge food is now available! Players are encouraged to try all varieties.
    • Scholar materials in Tiers 1 through 6 are now consistent with those in Tiers 7 through 9: there will only be one type of scholar material that can be gathered from each node, and this material will then be combined to form the next scholar ingredient, etc. The recipes to combine these materials can be found in your scholar crafting panel under the heading ""Research"".
    • Name changes to current scholar crafting materials:
      • Ruined Second Age Trinket is now a Ruined Second Age Scroll
      • Relic of Lothlorien is now a Scroll of Lothlorien
      • Worn Tablet Fragments are now a Tier 2 Scholar material.

    • Broken Dwarf Statues can no longer be collected. Any remaining statues can be combined to form a Relic of Khazad-dum via the multi-output option on the Tier 6 Relic of Khazad-dum recipe.
    • Scholar Guild and Bulk recipes for these components have been added to the appropriate NPCs.


    • The Frying Pan will no longer vanish from your hand when entering into combat mode.
    • Eorlingas Coffee should now last for 45 minutes instead of 30. Cheers!
    • Due to changes to the Guardian Class, all Overpower Tactics scrolls are being versioned away.

    User Interface

    • Removed redundant confirmation dialog when destroying a stack of items.
    • Skirmish UI (ctrl-K) now opens to the Traits tab by default.
    • You can no longer interact with the various trait trees while talking to the skirmish trait trainer.
    • You can now drag contextual quickslot bar quickslots to your main quickslot bar to set up temporary shortcuts to the skills which you can then use your keyboard to activate.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause you to buy or sell the wrong item in the vendor ui if you scroll it while the focus is in the ""Find Items"" window


    • Reduced the number of ice-wights needed to defeat in I.13.8.
    • Adjusted Adgyth's text in III.12.7
    • Herubrand needed his proper appearance in 'Instance: The Soothsayer'
    • Fixed typos in 'Avorthal's Favourite Haunts'
    • Fixing the selectability on the debris for I.11.8 -- now it will no longer
    • Created waypoints to allow travel between the two versions of the Fords of Isen:
      • On the West Rohan side, approach the south-ward road near the remains of Grimbold's Camp
      • On the Dunland side, approach the gate at the fords.

    • There are no quest requirements on these waypoints.
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